Lotta & the toughest challenge in Streaming TV today on ZDF from 20:15 pm! New Item!

Today a new Lotta film with Josefine Preuß comes. You see the program on ZDF live stream & TV from 20:15. Lotta & the toughest challenge is the fifth part of the Lotta movies series, which has brought out the ZDF since of 2010. And this time it's Lotta course not easy.

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The film series based on the novel by Annegret Held: The Last Things *Lotta & the toughest challenge in Streaming TV today on ZDF from 20:15 pm! New Item! and describes the various life stages of a young headstrong woman &# 8211; Lotta. Their development has hitherto traced to four films and now you see the premiere of the fifth part. What happened until now:

  • Lotta & the old iron (2010): Lotta is cheerful and even without training, although in early &# 8211; Mitte 20. Her father takes this fact great offense or is worried. He sits at her with deprivation of financial resources under pressure and Lotta begins in a nursing home because the results this way.
  • Lotta & the great expectations (2012): Lotta finds with the elderly just fine and is training as a geriatric nurse. Upon completion of training, they will return to &# 8220; House Abendroth&# 8221 ;, but that is to be closed. In addition, they might be pregnant&# 8230;
  • Lotta & the bright future (2013): The child responsible is there, great. Lotta studied medicine and now has a life with fellow students, child & WG. Turbulent and exhausting, but then comes love&# 8230;
  • Lotta & eternal Why (2015): Yes, that's a relationship&# 8230; Lotta moves with her Freund David together, actually everything is great, but not again. Then they both find out yet that their parents data.

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2016: Lotta & the toughest challenge today premiere in TV & Stream from 20:15 am at the ZDF

A few years later Lotta is now aspiring doctor and goes back to her hometown. But now it is very thick, because her father is very ill. It turns out that she has to take over the family business and now she is the chief of staff who have known already in the playpen. Fortunately there is help for women Platov, played by Andrea Sawatzki. The Trailer Lotta & the toughest challenge you see here.

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You see the show from 20:15 pm at the TV, but if you do not have access, or not at home are, it is mitzubekommen latest experiences in a timely manner no problem Lotta, because you can watch the broadcast and online, view the ZDF live stream free , If you missed the show entirely, you should repetition in the media find.

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