Sex, lies and video games: #GamerGate and the stench of urine (comment)

There are topics that necessarily everything disgusts, and I can not pretend to be happy to be allowed to comment on what became known as "GamersGate" farce that has gripped the English-speaking part of the Internet in recent weeks. Because if I take a stand, I do like, where the borders. Here, however, the battle lines are approximately as clear as in group sex with rabid raccoons.

Sex, lies and video games: #GamerGate and the stench of urine (comment)

The beginning of the misery goes like this: A blogger talks about how his ex-girlfriend was unfaithful and opposite him has subsequently behave very hurtful. He has her infidelity and questionable handling of the issue with chat logs of the two. The sticking point: The lady is game developer and several of her bed stories were games journalists working for pages that their games had found positive attention.

What at first looked like a case of conflict of interest, bad boys and bad individual cases, rocked on the ship of fools, we call Internet, soon to mudslinging unparalleled high. There are now many such positions and counter-positions on the subject, that it would be pointless to list them all - every particularistic-Wirrkopf has its own worthless perspective.

The few rational, who took on the matter were soon drowned out. Where legal issues were raised at the beginning, what happened exactly, quickly came allegations that one must punish the parties involved in the case, in any case, but at least keep in mind. Involved with a moderate position had big fucking surprise, no long-term opportunity.

It came in the wake of the whole thing out next that Zoë Quinn, the name of the game designer, had probably tried to sabotage the efforts of competitors. With this at the time already overwhelming evidence burden was clear that in the main, no one would be able to propose to their side. But as the howling mass is not exactly squeamish, not rushed just a few instead of the offense of corruption but to the infidelity - it incapable of recognizing that bribery is bribery by yet easy sex.

Zoe QuinnZoe Quinn, independent video game developer, worked on &# 8220; Depression Quest&# 8221;

The now re actually people called the plan, who defended Quinn because it suddenly seemed no longer to go to their unused contacts, but for some reason their Bettgeschichten. Which, since the defenders were right, actually go only you and your partner's business. Of course, the form in which the whole thing was originally public, private, and it was apparently too much to ask of a bunch of adult men, only to pick out what they really had an interest was.

The defense was also happy times back to a sweeping blow and was directed not just against the people with covered Quinn's privacy in the matter, even their legitimate critics were punished "This is nobody's business!" - by which the defenders same Dummfug had concocted as their opponents. In shipping water which there was feminist voices - some went against current misogyny, others were again only a cover for rebellion.

A spiral of most toxic Anfeindung one hand and on the other hand militant Gutmenschentum spiraled ever upward. If there were, the word "Clusterfuck" not, one would have to invent it specially for the occasion. It was at the same time to misogyny, professional standards, privacy, emotional bonds, the integrity of game designers and Games journalists and so on.

One of the first images in google search for & quot; Clusterfuck & quot;One of the first images in the Google search for &Clusterfuck; # 8220&# 8221 ;.

Suddenly, there were so many positions that the real goal receded into the background and had to resign. - to make Quinn's misconduct and that of their partners public and so that they and the editors or their magazines (one of its affairs is uA editor at Kotaku and Rock, Paper, Shotgun) to move in a more honest light, so that the public get an idea can. What actually happened, should not surprise anyone: The defendants were rushed such that they are really protected. Many gaming sites, partly from fear, partly out of consideration, not even touched the subject beginning. Whoever did this was immediately guilty and was stuck with the bag was on the cut. You could no longer be separated, where justified anger stopped and started unbridled aggression in the sump.

And if someone asks me again why I'm not a pluralist, I have thanks to the incurred on incitement in the future a beautiful Another example to which I can interpret silence. All hunts work even after the snowball effect: First is shown with the fingers, the pillory is trucked and while yet the rotten fruit flies, the gallows being built in the background already. And the crowd is never sufficient, only the (supposedly) unbutton guilty.

So if you had to, except for Quinn, Kotaku, RPS and several other magazines still believe in it? The completely heterogeneous mass of bullying keyboard crusaders arrived, of course not closed because as well as to the insane verdict. The gaming journalism is dead in itself. Very principle.

Tropes vs. Women is a multi-part video series, which deals with sexist representations in video games.Tropes vs. Women is a multi-part video series, which deals with sexist representations in video games.

And because Games journalists are only human and as such are mostly idiots, dissolved the opposite bite reflex of: Suddenly Games Pages then reported yet to speak, claiming the identity of Gamers was over, the Gaming Culture located on the edge of a long foreseeable collapse. Therefore, the anger, so the infantile stubbornness about such affairs. They had to indicate with his finger, which had received threats Quinn. Or, since the folks that too happened in the next few days how massive Anita Sarkeesian of their new series "Tropes vs. Women attacked in Video Games "- massive enough to make Sarkeesian fled to friends.

All misery has suddenly become instrumentalized. I put about a thousand words in a text, which so far is only on how the missteps of individuals have used as an excuse for renewed missteps, and in the end everything merges into a disgusting, consisting of drool and piss mush in which each of the active wallows involved and no one, absolutely no one can help but more to become clogged with dirt.

Therefore, I am very pleased that my statement about this whole unsavory matter that has become known as the equally uncreative as nutty name "GamersGate" nice and short fails: I do not do with.

bagpipeNot because the individual topics are not important. Corruption and Games Design and journalistic standards and privacy and women's rights and education and all other nuances of this scandal are all important. But they can not all come on at once. It's like learning a new language and get thrown simultaneously on the head all the vocabulary. Or as if you play fifteen instruments simultaneously. In the crash that prevails here, there are probably fifteen bagpipes.

And oh, believe me, it would be so much easier, I simply look one of the many ditches that were dug here, and to entrench myself with my own feelings there. For I also am biased, like every person, I have my baggage. I know people who have after all that I have heard in this matter, read me and seen remember more than just a bit of Zoë Quinn. Insert the their fragility as a tank so that their self-protection is the sole aim and everything else comes under the chains - first always the truth, then other people. It's incredibly tempting to just be Quinn from a personal Macke out angry, they attack on a private level and in the same breath, because I'm nunmal games journalist, dismissed any animosity against my profession as outrageous fantasies - as if there were any Business, in the run no crooked things.

But I do not want that. I think it is wrong. I am very sure that Quinn who is not innocent apparently a consequence of their actions feel as well as the men should have acted unfairly. I'm very much against that their privacy while falls more in the crossfire, as it should be. If there is corruption in the games journalism and this is revealed - for it. Moronic punch exchanges in which this and that is declared dead - against it. I have my positions. To each individual I could say a lot. But I'm not doing, not here, not today. The reason is that I in view of GamersGate - not individual elements but the whole ugly ball of important topics and unacceptable behavior - can not eat as much as I want to throw up.

The Internet.The Internet.

There are days when you want to be a games journalist. There are days when you do not even want to be gamers. But I refuse has always been to let me spoil of Arschgeigen the desire. Allen, which heat up in the current debate is, therefore, given the advice: Draw your conclusions, vertretet your positions, but continue to think with your brains instead of your glands. to be critical is not the same as fluff his chest plumage and volume not the same as law. Punishes those from who deserve it, but do not place yourselves to their level.

And: No one is dead Not the gamers, as long as there are games, and not the gaming journalism as long as there are gamers.. I love to gamble. I love to write to you about the subject. So why do I have been told that I was twice dead, because in the United States a girl I do not know, has made mistakes?

Promise me one, dear reader: If we ever have a problem with each other, let us talk sense about it either silent or divorced from each other. Because no matter how a number, and I put my head in the oven.

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