The Super Talent 2016: Jury and new arrivals at a glance

In the talent show &# 8220; The Super Talent&# 8221; 2016 will again choose a three-member jury on the abilities of the candidates who make it to the talent show on RTL. Besides pop star Dieter Bohlen and juror Bruce Darnell the tripartite jury is supplemented with singer Victoria Swarovski 2016th Victoria who&# 8230 ;? All information can be found in this article.

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The Super Talent is 2016 in the 10th season. From the autumn, viewers can once again look forward to watch as the three-member jury separates the wheat from the chaff and the person nominated with the most extraordinary talent. Besides the actual candidates who apply in open auditions for the TV show on RTL, is for the crowd of course always exciting to know who is on the jury &# 8211; Finally, the judges decide on the next round or withdrawal of candidates.

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The Super Talent 2016: Jury with newcomer Victoria Swarovski

First, the obvious: even in 2016, of course, again Dieter Bohlen on board who is going since the first season as a jury member. Also with this juror Bruce Darnell &# 8211; known from American Idol Germanys Next Top Model choreographer with the distinctive bald head sitting since the seventh season of the jury and will also be the 10th edition here. the jury of Got Talent 2016 is complemented by the Newcomer Victoria Swarovski &# 8211; the attractive blonde might be known to some viewers even from the beginning of the year.

Here again the sake of completeness all jury members from past editions of The Super Talent &# 8211; enjoy reminiscing.

1Dieter BohlenRuth MoschnerAndré Sarrasani2007
2Sylvie MeisBruce Darnell2008
5Motsi Mabuse2011
6Michelle HunzikerThomas Gottschalk2012
7Lena GerckeBruce DarnellGuido Maria Kretschmer2013
9Inka Bause2015
10Victoria Swarowski2016

Victoria Swarowski &# 8211; This is the new at The Super Talent 2016

Already for some time been speculated that Victoria Swaroswki could make it to the jury &# 8211; Today, the television station RTL announced it official: The 22-year-old will complete the triple jury of the talent show and support Dieter Bohlen and Bruce Darnell in their work. Here are the key facts about the new:

  • Victoria Swaroswki is a singer and won with dance partner Erich Klann in June 2016, the ninth season of Let&# 8217; s Dance &# 8211; So now she changes sides and will decide as a judge over other candidates,
  • The 22-year-old thus succeeds by Inka bause who moderated only one season of the show.
  • the new juror was quoted as saying: &# 8220; I'm really looking forward to be able to be in the Super talent there. I love people, music, dance, acrobatics, everything that is beautiful, exciting, fun and special. For me it is a great gift to experience so many great talents up close!
  • It starts for Victoria on Sunday 31 July 2016 - then start eating the records for the season for the tenth anniversary.

The Super Talent 2016 Victoria Swarowski

Victoria Swaroswki was the way long before Lets Dance and Super Talent to gain experience in the music world and is therefore well qualified to serve on the jury:

  • 16 with the native Austrian had sang their first record in the bag, and e.g. the theme song of the fantasy blockbuster &# 8220; The Chronicles of Narnia&# 8221 ;.
  • It also occurred at a stadium tour with Mario Barth and had hits with Prince Kay One
  • In addition, she also performed at the Olympic Games in Sochi
  • After high school she also moved to Los Angeles and worked together with the Grammy-winner Diane Warren.
The Super Talent 2016 ModeratorsAll moderators of the Super Talent 2016th

moderated Got Talent 2016, incidentally also from an acquaintance, namely Daniel Hartwich, who has already carried out the last seasons. The records for the talent show begin on July 31 in Essen and last until 9 August. Another round then takes place in Bremen from 14 to 18 August. RTL when the show starts on TV not tell &# 8211; in recent years, but it started in September and RTL will probably not change.

Once we have news, you read it at this point &# 8211; We also show you also where you can see the summer home of the stars in the live stream.

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