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The free online role-playing game NeoSteam takes you on an adventurous journey into a parallel world in which a fierce battle between the indigenous people and the technicians rages. The Steampunk game world of MMOs offers the complete absence of electricity; Steam technology (. Steam) is what drives the world!

Early in the game you put firmly on which side you want to deny your adventures. You can choose between on the one hand, the earthy nature beings with their extensive knowledge of the power of magic, and secondly, the egocentric technicians trying to control the elements through the use of mechanical equipment, the.

Did you decide for one of the two factions it're off. Neo Steam takes you to an interactive, fully decorated in cartoon style 3D world full of challenges and adventures. Perform quests from, know the power of NeoSteam use and learn powerful fighting skills to you against hundreds of players to put up a fight.

In the free MMORPG you have also the possibility of a variety of skills to learn and develop. Get combat support from your own, trainable pet. Learn to tame monsters and summon. improve your items or assist you in battle Build your own NeoSteam machines. Learn to gather the necessary raw materials in the game world.

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