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How could hell even look like if not like the tutorial level? You can pick up the yin from the ground, use it and be crushed, but that you can not get on. If you step right on the part of the floor, which is reddish, the background is illuminated. Grab the yin and thus wedges the base plate.


Right you for taking the power inverter, puts it into the recess and then use the button to allow the piston to withdraw and you can the assembly line down. Here Rufus tortured in five ways. He survives the whole, we operate when we get up again, right the console and you will replace the fuses. The trick is that some torture methods other neutralize. So we arrange them in such a way that they cancel the methods, for example, saw, freezing, fire, lasers and billets.


We go to the light and Rufus operated next to where we discover some mysterious ads a switch. We also take us from the torture devices the racket. When we go out, Rufus faced a Grim Reaper but warp again. We go into the next room, the domicile, bang on the door left the disc and follow the path of the Grim Reaper.


Here we meet him. His name is Hermes and has some shocking news for Rufus ready. After talking, we smash the four reddish steel beams and Hermes gets into a crisis of meaning. Moreover Goal falls from the Klonmaschine - but she's still dead if we follow hermes, we witness how he jumps from the bridge.. It is probably up to us to resolve the situation.


We can send me the console when the dead Goal produce clones of Hermes, but they kill themselves over and over again by jump off the bridge. Our goal is to provide the Klonmaschine with enough resources to create three clones at the same time - because where the third clone hinspringt, is a mattress. So we need two doses of fat, minerals, carbohydrates, water and protein. The mysterious ingredient is sufficiently available.


We go through the country and down at the time clock, we take the time card, the holes are overgrown. When Klonmaschine left is a tube into which we can glubschen to see a vampire platypus. We offer him our card and she punches for us. This card we put on again at the time clock to get a reward - Garlic! The force field left also disappears, so we come to the food carts, the door is closed but.


We go home, take the olives from the tree, and then carry it to the oil press, then we take the bottle, carry him to the food carts and lubricate the door so it rises. We take the fat from the fryer, the fries, the iodine salt and soft drink Ploerr-o-Fizz. From the home we take the bag with the beans, the tank from the cooler and the oil bottle. Now we still carry the garlic to a vampire platypus, let it bite off and then take his balls.


With all the stuff we now go back to the assembly line where the reservoir is connected to a funnel. We throw everything into it: Vampire platypus eggs, beans, fries, salt, Ploerr-o-Fizz, oil bottle, water and the fat from the fryer. This means that all ads to maximum. We go to the console Klonmaschine satisfy with the button above the Hermes clones one, with the slider on the left, the number three and then pull the lever.

We follow the Hermes clones and talk to the survivors, so he tells us that he has scanned Goals brain and we can thanks to a Datasette he surrenders us to clone. We carry out Datasette into the console and put it back on only one copy. The mysterious sixth blinking red, but Rufus of course that is no matter. We pull the lever and&# 8230;


&# 8230; and an infantile Goal crashes on the planet. There are three tasks but only one Rufus: Goal with the nucleic acid rescue, to alert the resistance in Porta Fisco and infiltrate the ascent station. Rufus and Hermes hatch a plan that is cloned in triplicate at the Rufus. We look after cloning the other Rufusse&# 8230; Rufoi&# 8230; In any case the other two Nulpen until below a cool new button appears with which we can switch between the three and forth.


In the inventory of the right Rufus we discover the nucleic acid, but promptly, the mean Rufus argues with him as soon as we original and the acid. We go to the left and also grab the nucleic acid, so that the three, more or less involuntarily, sent on their journey.

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The poisoning of Bozo
The laundry cult
The Organon Cruiser
The hell
three times Rufus
The Zlotti and lodging for the night
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