“PDP authentication failed”: What can you do?

In general, the operation and establishment of smartphones is quick of hand. Often you can already surf without major defaults, phone calls or send SMS. Annoying it when errors occur while attempting to make an Internet connection. A common mistake is accompanied "failed PDP authentication" of the error message.

"PDP authentication failed": What can you do?

Here you learn what you can do if the "PDP authentication" fails. The error often occurs after an update.

"PDP authentication failed": What can you do?

"PDP authentication failed" solutions

the mobile device is registered in the mobile network based on the PDP authentication and identified. different routes are available for solving the authentication problem:

  • First, you should turn off the phone and then on again.
  • the SIM card may is wrong in the smartphone. Take out the card, checks to see if any dust or. Ä. located between the contacts and then pushes the SIM card correctly in the phone.
  • Checks if your APN settings are correct in the device.
  • The correct settings, you can read on the website of your respective provider.

With us you learn how to get the APN settings at Vodafone, o2 and BASE can set up:

  • Vodafone APN settings
  • o2 APN settings
  • BASE: APN settings
  • Internet settings for T-Mobile, E-Plus and Co.

Gallery Android APN settings

  • (Figure 4.1):
  • (Figure 2.4):
  • (Figure 3.4):
  • (Figure 4.4):

Frequently, the cause of the failed "PDP authentication" and vendors directly. In case of malfunctions you do not have much choice but to wait until this is resolved. do yourself you can do nothing.

"PDP authentication failed": What can you do?

"PDP authentication failed": disturbances in the grid

In allestoerungen.de you can see whether other users currently have problems in your network. Mehren here the messages is to start from a problem. Alternatively, you can usually also on the Twitter page or Facebook page of your provider check if there is a malfunction reported. If no reports are to be found here, the problem is probably due to your settings or your connection. Sit down with your customer support provider's representative if the solutions above do not help resolve the PDP authentication failure.

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