Bring !: Pretty app for joint purchasing lists for Android now

Collaborative note apps there are some common to all is that users need to type quite a lot, for example, when creating shopping lists - that too is easier and indeed with Bring !: The hitherto reserved for iOS users application is since today in the Play Store available and allows the common and complete processing of the food purchases with quick taps on product symbols.

Bring !: Pretty app for joint purchasing lists for Android now

"Bringste still fat, lactose-free milk with, honey?" - of course I like to bring. "And yet mandarins!" - all clear. "And the delicious red wine from the other day!" - is made slowly but Tipperei when shopping is too much for me, that's got to go easier. When it comes specifically to Bring !. The shopping list app that uses symbols instead of long texts, is now also available for the Android OS and facilitates the "common" Shopping for iPhone and Android users immensely.

It allows the app of the Swiss team Publisheria from many supermarket products to choose per symbol and add them so that the common shopping list. The buyer can then as simple discard them as done by Tap. In addition, pre-Note to "Miteinkäufer" can send, for example to draw attention to added articles or to report the completion of the purchase.

Practical: Bring! sorts the items as they usually encounter a well in the supermarkets - so fruits and vegetables at the front, then the dairy products, then the sausages. This sorting can, however, customize the user and thus adapt to the specific circumstances of the frequented stores. In addition, of course, all product entries can be also provided with a long press with additional notes to the quantity or type. so the milk can be tagged in addition to the information "lactose-free and low in fat 2 liters". And is a product not of Bring! predefined list, you simply create it yourself and save it the same for later use. The whole thing is synchronized via push immediately between iOS and Android is good and therefore also for last-minute changes and additions.

For the lowest 89 cents to Bring worthwhile! So for those who want to bring some color, simplicity, efficiency and intuitiveness alike in their shopping experience, rather than to coordinate their shopping trips via WhatsApp or SMS. Perfect for the Christmas stocking of staple foods and spices of all kinds.

Bring! Shopping ListdownloadQR codeBring! Shopping ListDeveloper: Bring! Labs AGPrice: Free

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