LG 34UC98-W in the test: Curved Monster as an all-round talent

It does matter the size! Both work as a gaming and are on LG 34UC98 monitor thanks to its 21: 9 cinema format, close 1900R Buckle and outstanding AH-IPS panel with rich 3440 x 1440 pixels bliss.

LG 34UC98-W in the test: Curved Monster as an all-round talentIn summary: The LG 34UC98-W is shown in the test as an absolute all-rounder and shines as 21: 9 Curved Ultra Wide-screen in many ways. The strong curvature takes gamers under her spell, screen-workers can look forward to a sharp picture and high color fidelity and generally is plenty of space for multitasking with all kinds of applications.


  • Large screen size in the 21: 9 format cinema
  • Sharp display with 3,440 x 1,440 pixels
  • High brightness, color fidelity and brilliance
  • 5 ms response time, OnScreen Control


  • "Only" 60 Hz repetition rate
  • No G-Sync model
  • Processing could be better

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1900R-Curvature1900R-Curvature reached an extreme curvature for the 21: 9 display

Two thirds of the distance between the user and the display - this is actually the rule of thumb for the optimal screen size of a PC monitor, which is, however, studiously ignored by LG 34UC98-W. This 1,100-euro Monitor kills at first glance, almost with its 34-inch diagonal, there are at second glance numerous opportunities for productive and playful use. Thanks to the UWQHD resolution of 3,440 x 1,440 pixels and a pixel density of 110 ppi according sharp display is no longer staring at a frayed pixels mud, but crisp text. the image with good contrast ratio, high color fidelity from the factory, and not least from a class design is supported. Had the previous LG 34UC97 partially still struggling with severe backlight bleeding, so LG's 2016er model overcomes the shortcomings and establishes with Thunderbolt support and AMD freesync still features on top. Of course, 1,100 euros are a lot of money for a display, but who is sitting in front every day and maybe even earns his work on the screen, you should consider this as an all-round professional high-end display into consideration.

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Screen, wherever you look: the 21: 9 format on curved 34 inches

Not only in smartphones and televisions, there is the trend towards ever larger displays. Also, computer monitors do with this development and formerly monstrous 27-inch are now considered standard. The 34-inch LG 34UC98 we consider in 2016 even as giants. However, a lot of screen-intensive occupations and high-end gaming benefit with multi-monitor setups for years of more visual and work surface when it comes with the disadvantage of interruption due to screen edges and high costs, both the hardware and the energy , Since you can still put on a single ultra-wide display. This results in at least a gain in comfort and immersion. The immersion in the virtual world, here is the magic word. We are actually doing middle instead. In horror shooter Alien: isolation that increases the anxiety again significantly and we feel the game with the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift recalls. With its narrow bend in the 1.9-meter radius of the LG display nestled formally to the field of view of the user. The result is actually a very plastic effect, perhaps first a little dizzy from the Immaculate users. When working with text and images in multiple windows, however, the uniform spacing ensures relaxation.

The curved base with a subtle metallic look emphasizes the curved character, the LG 34UC89-W (W represents the white color variant of the tester) is an elegant eye-catcher in the office and at home.

Gallery LG 34UC98-W Design

  • (Figure 1.7):LG 34UC98-W back with Logo - LG 34UC98-W back with Logo
  • (Figure 2.7):Narrow side frame of the LG 34UC98 - narrow lateral frame of the LG 34UC98
  • (Figure 7.3):The power supply of LG 34UC98-W - the power supply of LG 34UC98-W
  • (4/7):Metal look of the plastic parts - metallic look of the plastic parts
  • (Figure 5.7):The radius of curvature is 1.9 meters - the radius of curvature is 1.9 meters
  • (Figure 6.7):Stable base underlines the vault - stable base underlines the bulge
  • (Figure 7.7):the strong 1900R curvature is placed on the sides clear - the strong 1900R curvature is placed on the sides clear

The metal at the base optics deceptive, LG used plastic for the housing of the 34UC98 and amplifies it for the suspension with a steel plate. Processing not skin us from the stool: Here and there are the gaps extended or irregular, for example, on the sides of the edge-to-edge display. The back sounds a bit rickety and the cladding for the stand has slightly leeway. In the overall analysis but that's all not so bad, after all, is very large plastic moldings.

Gaming, photo editing, multitasking - there is nothing that can not LGs 34UC98

The AH-IPS panel in the LG 34UC98-W provides excellent image quality. The display is crisp, high contrast and covers the sRGB color space completely. connected via a DisplayPort cable with a correspondingly capable graphics card, up to 1,073,000,000 color gradations can be displayed. Not every GPU supports 10-bit color mode, Apple's Mac computers, for example, provide only 8 bits and 16.7 million colors.

Gallery LG 34UC98-W image quality

  • (Figure 1/3):New LG displays such as the 34uC98 is a code for Tom Clancy's The Division at -
  • (Figure 3.2):Even in the corners, no backlight or IPS glow can be seen -
  • (Figure 3.3):Pixel matrix of LG 34UC98-W -

The homogeneous brightness distribution, the small IPS glow effect and a viewing angle of 178 degrees make the LG 34UC98 the ideal station for image or video editing. In the test, the colors jump us literally in the eye, in a direct comparison with a notebook display or cheaper monitors one discovers at icons on the desktop of the LG 34UC98 also gradations that could not perceive before. The sound surprised with amazing depth. For everyday work you can do without separate boxes, with the 2x7W stereo speakers not integrated LG the worst solution. but that there are gamers who play on such a panel and then to compromise the sound, we can imagine heavy. By the way: Neither power supply or electronics in the monitor give unwanted noises like Spulenfiepen of himself.

Almost a docking station with a successful interface offer

The equipment of the LG 34UC98 course also includes the connection portfolio on the white held back. With its interface diversity and software, the LG 34UC98 swings already for the Commander in on the desk. It provides a DisplayPort 1.2, two HDMI, Thunderbolt 2 ports and two USB 3.0 ports. The first of these USB ports loads with the quick charge technology smartphones in record time, but dispensed upon activation of the function on the data transfer.

Gallery LG 34UC98-W Facilities

  • (Figure 4.1):The Menuknopt on the bottom is lit -
  • (Figure 2.4):LG34UC98 I / O Shield with DP 1.9, HDMI 2.0, 2x TB2, 2xUSB 3.0, 3.5 mm jack -
  • (Figure 3.4):2x7W Stereo Speaker -
  • (Figure 4.4):Vesa 100x100 -

As a docking station of LG 34UC98 backup hard drives, game consoles, input devices or even other displays via Thunderbolt daisy chain can bind. This connector is also ideal for use on the Mac. The screen can be split-screen mode or Picture-in-Picture problems simultaneously represent signals from two devices side by side and recommended by its first-class hardware for a wide range of applications. Since we are used to pinning multiple windows side by side as editors and LG makes use of the Windows built-in split-screen function to divide the screen is not a revolution for us. The display of multiple input signals side by side, we have not really needed.

Easily configured with your mouse and let select Profiles automatically

Settings and picture modes under the menu button but more easily changed via the OnScreen Control under the display or. the software you call easily from an icon in the system tray and determines through the inputs, number of windows, image settings and repetition. OnScreen Control registered applications such as the browser, Acrobat Reader or Photoshop and selects desired will launch with the assigned profile.

LG 34UC98-W in the test: Curved Monster as an all-round talentLG OnScreen Control

Similar ergonomically now operates the hardware: The snow-white stand for the first time, the inclination at LG's 34-inch curved display between -5 ° and 15 ° can be adjusted with a variable height of 11 cm each was supposed to find an optimal viewing angle , Surprisingly for us: the state is far more stable than is assumed on the basis of delicate foot. A display rotation without stand there is not, however, &# 8211; Here, the secure status would suffer and such an expensive display throwing reluctant to. By clicking the stand can also decouple and gives attachment to Vesa 100&# 215; 100 standard free.

For each scenario, the right setting

The gaming qualities of this monster displays do not stop at the Three gift of license codes for Tom Clancy's The Division. For a panel of this size, the LG 34UC98 offers an extremely fast response time 5 milliseconds, best works in the image profiles "FPS Game 1 and 2" and TRS Game ". Owners of AMD graphics cards also benefit from the AMD freesync technology, which synchronizes the image renewal of the monitor in the range of 55-75 Hz directly to the graphics card, thus producing a sharp picture without frame tearing (tearing) and opposite Vsync the input lag reduced. The range of 55 to 75 Hz, however, is too small in our opinion; is a pity also that the monitor can not reach without freesync 75 Hz.

With the Black Stabilizer increases the contrast in dark areas for better visibility of opponents addition. The modes "Reader", "Dark Room 1" and "Darkroom 2" reduce the very high brightness in several stages, otherwise this display can actually hide in dark places. Color temperature presets choose this as a warmer display with an eye-friendly reduction of the blue component. Directly after the change falls on yet, but later, the eyes get used to the new white point. In any case, the LG 34UC98 also offers professional users full control, a factory very well calibrated display and a first-class image.

LG 34UC98-W in the test: Curved Monster as an all-round talentAlien Isolation: oppressive feeling while gaming thanks to 34-inch Curved

Conclusion for the LG 34UC98: Successful Curved-rounder

Owner of the LG 34UC98 are quite enviable. They must not compromise: The display has a hell of image quality, great software features a diverse interfaces offer and also looks outrageously good. Especially impressed we are by the aggressive bend the 1900R- or 1.9 meter radius. The design and the image quality can be completely satisfactory and leave little to be desired. If one were to force us to complain, then probably would lack support for Nvidia's G-Sync technology on the table, as opposed to installed free competitors freesync that would have made but more expensive the monitor because of the licensing costs to Nvidia. Hurts a little that the refresh rate is set at 60 Hz (with active freesync: 75 Hz) rather than in the high-end sector more modern 100 Hz The processing could be slightly better, but that's whining at a high level..

LG 34UC98 Monitor at Amazon*

Our test rating for the LG 34UC98-W

  • Processing, feel and design: 4/5
  • Ergonomics: 4/5
  • Resolution / Image Quality: 5/5
  • Equipment / Connections: 5/5
  • Software: 5.5
  • Value for money: 4.5

Total: 93%


  • High-Quality Images
  • Elegant design with close-1900R Curvature
  • Rich connection options
  • Convenient on-screen control
  • Factory calibration with 99% sRGB


  • No 100 Hz
  • high price


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