Buzz Launcher: Powerful tool to free forms of the Home Screen

The abundance of launchers to create alternative Android home screens is almost unmanageable. Nova, Apex and Go Launcher are popular as practical, but a newcomer to the market is trying to old-timers hard to make life: talking about the Buzz Launcher, which allows you to convert the standard screen on unprecedented way. Buzz is probably one of the most powerful tools to customize the home screens - including community to gather inspiration. Introducing the app.

Buzz Launcher: Powerful tool to free forms of the Home Screen

Launcher are known to be there to miss the Android homescreen a coat of paint, or providing it with new features. After installing a launcher additional icon packs and the like can be installed often to achieve the desired look and feel. This proves to be time consuming and sometimes frustrating as you can not find what you are so quickly. The situation is different with a relative newcomer to the launcher sector, the Home Pack Buzz launcher. Here the presentation video from the Play Store:

The Buzz Launcher offers not only a relatively intuitive user guidance in setting up the theme, but an extensive and incredibly varied selection of already finished Themes that is provided for free by a large community now. The special thing about Buzz is also that users complete installation packages are offered - including themes, custom widgets and configuration settings. After downloading, you have to "replace Home Screen" only on the button fall and already the finished package with the appropriate wallpaper, icons, widgets, flow effects and all sorts of other features on the smartphone can be found. If additional widget tools and apps are needed Buzz helps by Shortuts it on the screen to load it quickly from the Play Store.

Furthermore, Buzz has a very handy feature: who is just curious about a theme and just want to try it must not replace its existing system completely, but has the ability to view the design on an additional home screen, which is located behind the existing enqueues. the theme does not like, so it can be removed again ringing.


After installation of the launcher, the user can shimmy within the app by a seemingly endless library of themes. Each theme has its own bottom with a screenshot gallery, information about for which smartphone it was created - including screen resolution - and the number of already made downloads, likes the community and recommendations ( "buzzes") and installed on the Theme Apps. Furthermore, members of the community to give their opinions, suggestions and the like via the respective package in the comment section.

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Who does not want mobile, but browse from his computer, the themes can do that of course. Because there is also a website with a wide selection of themes and information on the respective launcher. Many of the themes differ fundamentally from the Android standard Lauchner - so you can so greatly reduced and yet playful theme like Calvin and Hobbes, for example, an install two colored with small, flat icons or a fascinating design with distributed on the screen glass marbles. As mentioned, this is just a small selection. iOS 7 or Windows Phone tile design on the Android homescreen complacent? This is also possible.


In addition to the wide selection of designs brings Buzz also have various other settings on Android phones and tablets siebenzollige. For larger displays the launcher is to date not yet conceived, although some of the features would be even larger devices to shame. For example, the user has the option to hide the app dock, as well as the top notification bar. So the users are open completely new ways to pave the homescreen new. Who now wonders how to reach the App Drawer and other bases, which can calm down, because Buzz returns with practical swiping through which optional example opens the middle of the screen by a wiping up the app drawer, by a swipe down the notification bar is displayed. Furthermore, if activated, opens by a double tap the side of a series of buttons with direct access to the app menu, buzz, and system settings, and other submenus.

Anyone who thinks that this is about all wrong. Because in addition to these fine features one has the possibility to reduce the desktop screen or expand accordingly the icons, so you can pack on his home screen theoretically up to 12 columns with apps. In addition, the distances to the screen edges can be adapted to hide the status bar, the page display and the individual icon labels. Furthermore, the user has to select the choice of different animations when scrolling between the different screens and to enable or disable continuous scrolling.

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Of course there are various setting options in the App Drawer. In addition to selecting the screen larger and thus the display of apps on a screen, it is possible to sort apps by different criteria and to sort at will into folders. In addition, the transparency of the background can be adjusted. From the App Drawer also leads directly to the Buzz launcher menu that shows all installed icons, backgrounds and Home Packs and offers the user to upload the screens created yourself and to share with the community. Who would not like this, but wants to secure his themes created, also has locally to secure his works and possibly recover if it go slightly wrong when designing a new screen option.

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The Buzz Launcher offers a lot more of customization options and settings. So you can, for example, widgets to create their own ideas - which serves the Buzz Custom Widget Editor. However, the use of this tool is optional. Buzz For the rest, with other widget tools such as Zooper Pro and Minimalistic Text dazzling.

I must confess, I was never a big fan of alternative launcher and am highly of the user interface of Android 4.x been satisfied. Since then I have DISCOVER Buzz, the whole thing looks a bit different. Although I am in terms of new designs not particularly keen to experiment, because I view the classic home screen to be very convenient, but I like the features that Buzz brings, not to miss. Above all the easy, almost intuitive use, and the swipe gestures, as well as the scalable icons, or the sizeable grid, and also the possibility to be able to secure his themes have convinced me. What the developers, however, still should work, is the miserable German localization - that is clearly better.

Buzz is the way with Android version 4.0.3 and current compatible. Do you use alternative Launcher &# 8211; or it relies on the standard UIs?

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