Pirate Storm: Death or Glory

With Seafight Bigpoint has already established a very successful pirate adventure in the field of browser games, with Pirate Storm is to be made, the next step.

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Pirate Storm: Death or Glory

As a ruthless pirate, it is important to attack without regard for losses foreign ships, you make their wealth to own and doing numerous monsters of the sea. For that aside you stands a loyal crew and a well gerĂ¼stetes ship that needs to be feared on the high seas in the right hands no opponent.

32571Pirate Storm - Part 1

The basic design is based on Seafight, but has been improved in every corner. As the name suggests, all about the seafaring game round eyes valved buccaneers and their absolute determination to be at sea the dominant power.

28916Pirate Storm - Part 2

Thanks to an open game world, however you can get in different ways glory. Not only fighting against other pirates are up for grabs, but also huge, dangerous monsters of the sea stand your path. So must beesiegen her about giant octopuses.

Pirate Storm: Only the tough get into the garden&# 8230; an octopus

In the fight against differing types of animals and enemy pirates, it is important that you are sufficiently well armed and equipped. Not only the number of your guns is this important, but also the nature of your ammunition. With specially interconnected spheres the masts of the enemy ship can be as easily tear, which makes it fast to maneuver. This gives the game an important tactical grade.

5141Pirate Storm - Part 3

However, you are more peaceful nature, you can enter at any time in the commercial world and try to get your money with the clever Sell of goods. As part of this you can even enter cities and explore them. As always with browser games from Bigpoint, even Pirate Storm is completely free and requires only for optional items money from you.

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