Samsung Hub: Play store competitor to finally disappear

Samsung seems to make his efforts seriously, to purify the TouchWiz software on their own Galaxy devices. Well apparently to disappear even Samsung's own Media Store Samsung Hub.

Samsung Hub: Play store competitor to finally disappear

The Samsung Hub with its sub-sections for apps and games, music, videos and books existed for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Apart from promotion in which there were sometimes apps and other content for free, the stroke was well attended not very good - after all, is pre-installed with Android with the Play Store a much more extensive range on any Samsung smartphone.

The Samsung Hub, screenshot from the Year 2012 from the Galaxy S3

Now, as if the Samsung Hub is finally set, it seems. Philip Berne, a marketing manager of Samsung, now confirmed this in a conversation on Twitter with an editor of SamMobile.

@ Addicted2088 Samsung Hub is going away.

- Philip Berne (@philipberne) May 14, 2014

The tweet was, however, subsequently deleted; SamMobile hastened to clarify in an update that you suspect the Samsung Hub will not completely set, but is only the future is no longer available by default on devices - he could may continue after-installed or used on the Web.

Whether completely removed or still available as add-on - it is classified as positive that Samsung wants to remove some of the frequently criticized as "Bloat" own apps from its devices. To what extent the talks with Google may have led to the decision earlier this year that Samsung deal supports its own content ecosystem such - it can only be speculated. We estimate that it will have at least played a role.

but there remain open questions. For example, if only the Samsung Hub app disappears (which is absent in fact already on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and presented this year Tablets), or even the Samsung Apps. Remains unclear what happens to the media, who have already purchased through the hub Samsung users. We hope Samsung delivers clarity and also takes more Apps targeting, which is not needed by the majority of users.

Source: SamMobile


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