Bravely Default review: Who needs Final Fantasy yet?

More spectacle, explosions, Twists! "Final Fantasy" now has very little in common with the simple adventures of Super Nintendo and Playstation times. shoot lots of character figures stencils and fight through opaque stories, while the game mechanics are gedummt in a straightforward to use as possible down. The rest of the genre makes not much better and puts usually somewhere between half-hearted innovation and mandatory random combat virtues firmly. Ironically, Square Enix is ​​now making this unstoppable downward spiral with "Bravely Default" to an end.

Bravely Default review: Who needs Final Fantasy yet?

Bravely Default review: Who needs Final Fantasy yet?

"Bravely Default" feels like a direct descendant of "Final Fantasy IV" to "Final Fantasy IX". The elemental crystals are haunted by an unknown darkness. Agnès Oblige is responsible as so-called "vestal of the Wind" for the wind crystal and sets out to search for the reason for the failure of the crystals. She meets Tiz that while watching his village just as it sank in a suddenly emerged, huge abyss.
The story works less because of their excellent plots, but rather because of the interesting and sympathetic characters. With the timid Agnès, the courageous Tiz, the womanizer ring navel and the proud, if somewhat childish Edea four completely different and likeable characters populate the party.

Also playful "Bravely Default" is a trip to better times. One with an air ship bereisbare upper world, a job system that you can always change the class of your characters and turn-based combat system remember all of former "Final Fantasy" classics. The developers of Silicon Studios have not leave it to copy only proven game mechanics: With numerous convenience functions formerly annoying JRPG elements were intelligent removed.

So you can always adjust your own preferences, the probability of random encounters. Do you want to level up your party, then you simply doubled. Do you want to just quickly run through the area, they can be switched off completely vice versa. The difficulty level can be changed in three stages and the battle speed can be fast forward in three stages at any time. "Bravely Default" on the one hand retains the virtues of old classics, but not afraid to improve them at crucial points.

About the eponymous "Brave" and "default" system. At the beginning of each battle, each of your characters a "Battle Point" (BP) has. An action each cost a BP, which you get at the beginning of each round, well-written again. So it takes - as in any other JRPG - once per lap, it always remains at a BP. The "Default" command allows you, however, aufzusparen a BP per round. Then the corresponding character does not attack, but only blocks. With "Brave" on the other hand, up to four BP can be used in a round, so that the character can make the appropriate number of actions. Do you have your points are not stored up by "default", you slip into the negative range and can so long to do anything until the character is again reached a BP.

In practice, this system is very fast and easy by hand. If you fight against weaker opponents, it makes sense to some to make with all characters once in the first round four attacks so the enemies will be done immediately. Together with the fast-forward function are gone after a few seconds the corresponding struggles. In boss battles however, you must carefully weigh when do you use "Default" and "Brave" because the bosses have this technology.

Bravely Default review: Who needs Final Fantasy yet?Bravely Default Test: The combat system is turn-based, but is determined by the &# 8220; Brave&and -; # 8221 &# 8220; Default&# 8221; commandos fanned.

the combat system from a perfectly functioning email system is completed. So have your four party members no fixed classes, but can switch between jobs collected. The white magician heals, the thief shares from damage while the Knight serves as a protective barrier. However, it is worth experimenting,: Each job Levelt individually and has its own abilities. Has a character but once learned this, he can use them if he moves to another job. An example: As a black magician ring Abel learns different offensive spells. If I make him a knight, I can adjust the Mage job as a secondary ability - so even the defensive Knight can dish still neat.

Besides the main adventure "Bravely Default" offers you some sideshows. Rarely have a direct impact on the game, but have nevertheless a welcome change of pace. Sun can be Tiz&8217; Village about how to build a browser game with new stores again, which in turn allow you to buy new items, items and special maneuvers. With every person you meet through StreetPass, the population of the village increases and the building can be a bit faster rebuild. That takes namely several hours and the time required decreases with every villager who is working.

In addition, can be interrupted with so-called "Sleep Points" the fighting immediately, so that one of your party members can attack - whether just really would an opponent's turn. The "Sleep Points" has taken her by you let the 3DS for several hours in Standbye mode while the game is running. Or do you buy them for real money. Yes, Square Enix has found a way to make micro-transactions into play. So it's good that the "Sleep Points" are completely unnecessary and can be ignored without any problems.

Bravely Default review: Who needs Final Fantasy yet?Bravely Default Test: The cities are beautifully drawn.

Graphically know to be completely satisfactory "Bravely Default". The beautifully drawn backgrounds are extremely detailed, while the wide-eyed character models remember in a positive way to old JRPG classic. Musically, the role-play runs away no trees, but knows his scenes quite emotional to accompany.


Ironically, Square Enix. Square Enix, who are responsible with "Final Fantasy XIII" for one of the biggest disappointments of the genre, serve for "Bravely Default" as a publisher and prove that it is not impossible to develop even more outstanding JRPGs today. The Silicon Studios ignore the modern penchant for bombast and lock with a ton of passion that is felt in every drawn background.

"Bravely Default" uses generously to classics without whose legacy also to take on the genre - the opportunities offered here comfort features I never want to miss again. Who still does not have a 3DS, that should change quickly: A better JRPG you will not find so fast.


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