“Game Of Thrones” -Exhibition: GoT exhibition in Germany – Tickets now on sale!

The upcoming, fifth season is one of the most anticipated series of the year starts and takes only a few days in coming. German fans of Game of Thrones can look forward this year to a very special special. The Game of Thrones Exhibition 2015 makes a stop in Germany.

"Game Of Thrones" -Exhibition: GoT exhibition in Germany - Tickets now on sale!

In the GoT-Exhibition is an exhibition, the fans provided a deep insight into Westeros.

update &# 8211; Game of Thrones Exhibition: Tickets from today available for free

Admission to the Game of Thrones exhibition is free, but you need a ticket for access. The free tickets to the exhibition are available starting today through the official website.

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GoT-Exhibit: deadline for Germany known

Following the announcement earlier this year was far unclear when the date for the Game of Thrones Exhibition in Germany. Now the date has been revealed. In Berlin, you can accordingly from 13 May to 17 May a very deep look behind the scenes of Game of Thrones cast. Tickets are available from 22 April. Venue is the Arena Berlin.

"Game of Thrones" -Exhibition in Germany: Winter is coming to Berlin

The GoT-Exhibition will be held since 2013, this year also German Fantasy fans can enjoy the real Westeros. In the Exhibition their various props from the HBO series can consider. Over 70 original pieces such. B. installations, reconstructed scenes, jewelry, costumes and of course different weapons from the GoT episodes will be on display at the Exhibition. Special treat to be and the presentation of a dragon model, a White hikers should stop by in Berlin. The exhibition is intended to be fully immersed in the Game of Thrones world you. Even before the invasion of the trailing Westeros you can decide which house is you, most likely.

"Game Of Thrones" -Exhibition: GoT exhibition in Germany - Tickets now on sale!

"Game of Thrones" -Exhibition in Berlin: When and where?

Thus your friends have something of the exhibition, you can immortalize several photo stops you. The production-based images can then be shared directly via social media. Who wants to (and probably a decent wait in purchase takes) can even take place on the infamous throne. In addition, you can experience on the ice wall in 4D a simulated ride on the "Black Castle" elevator. Also for visitors to the Exhibition last year, re dropping by to pay off, after all exhibits to be brought to the level of the fourth and fifth season. Other locations for GoTExhibit include London, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Amsterdam and Paris. Additional locations are planned.

"Game Of Thrones" -Exhibition: GoT exhibition in Germany - Tickets now on sale!

When the "Game of Thrones" exhibition taking place in Germany, is not yet known. Also has not yet announced which part of Berlin is transformed into Westeros. The fifth season of Game of Thrones starts in April. Until then you can check out the time with the first four seasons on free TV shorten RTL 2 in live stream or TV.

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