Dragon Quest Builders: Fast leveling with the best rooms

In Dragon Quest Builders there is a very effective way to level up your settlement as quickly as possible. Unlike other games, it is not about to make the main character but gradually your town. With the method, which we show you on this page, you can gain more experience in each chapter of Dragon Quest Builders. In the first chapter the principle works and can then be used again and again.

The most points you can in Dragon Quest Builders with the best rooms make and thereby leveling fast. Exploration and adventure with your character bring you Although materials and action, but the Level comes through your settlement. Nevertheless, you should have an eye on the equipment your hero to keep it as productive as possible in his wanderings to materials procurement. So swing your hammer and let grow your settlement and rising level.

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Dragon Quest Builders: Fast leveling &# 8211; How it works&# 8217; s

A problem in most settlements is the lack of space. Even if their additional levels set up by you dig or to set up additional floors of space for a quick levels will hardly be enough. Therefore, you should you focus on the best rooms that bring the most points. Very important here are, for example, decorations, which generate random points for you. Find those to secure a small or large boost in the different chapters you. In the beginning, you will find, for example, in Cantlin chapter is a large castle in which her next to the Blueprint for a protective wall still can find these decorations:

  • a throne
  • stool
  • Red blocks and blocks which together represent a carpet pattern
  • dressing table
  • purple blocks
  • Various towels on the walls and a crest banner
Dragon Quest Builders decorationsDecorations can get a fresh coat of your settlement.

Quick leveling and make best room

After you have stolen from the castle all the decorations, you can watch the best rooms build for leveling your city. If ye oriented to our top of the screen, it is possible with this variant all 2680 points to earn. It is really worth to use as many decorations. This not only some variety to the gray and brown blocks is created, but the entire course of your settlement or city optimally used and their quickly rising a few stages. Look in each chapter exactly, because the higher the quality the found decorations, the more points up for grabs for you.

Dragon Quest Builders leveling fastA useful tip for leveling.

If you have not found more tips and tricks for rapid leveling, but she shares with us in our comment section.

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