Sevenlands play – November 2017 – GIGA

A free browser RPG par excellence. With numerous quests, monsters and bosses can compete with the Big Seven Lands.

With Sevenlands the Hamburg game developer wants to land a new coup and now operate the fantasy genre by The tribes Grepolis and The West. The game is browser-based and free of charge, and therefore available to anyone who wants to explore the seven worlds. The adventure is in the pen&tells paper style, so you'll constantly faced with decisions and have the right to make your way through Sevenlands to find.

To choose from You can choose from four different nations with unique abilities: Noble People, tiny gnomes, elves or raised hulking orcs. At the beginning you wake than initially still quite feeble hero in a rundown tavern on and will soon face in order to expand your skills and make a name with the first quests.

The structure is simple. There are seven worlds in need of your research and where it teeming with monsters that stand in your way. Of mutant crawling creatures, about bloodthirsty trolls to epic bosses, the offer in Sevenlands everything. Your task is to gain experience and continues to delve into the fantastic story of Seven Lands.

In order to become a true hero in Sevenlands, all you need is a modern browser.

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