Best Word cloud generators: 3 Online pages, 2 Apps

Word cloud or word cloud is called the formation of different-sized words that can be used in many ways. We introduce you to the best Word cloud generators and apps.

A Word Cloud is commonly seen in Web pages to show the percentage distribution of subjects graphically by color and size of words. The most common topics are displayed large and intensely colored, the less frequent words are on the edge and are small. This can be done with normal texts. The results of a German text but once to that words like the, the, the are large and frequent. What such a Word cloud generator So is good, also depends on how well one such exclude filler words can. In addition, most offers from English-speaking countries come and come up with German umlauts often can not cope.

Place 3: Simple Word Clouds with TagCrowd

TagCrowd * is definitely the more simple solution. There are no gimmicks. There are no large setting options in terms of shape, color or font. You can add text, upload a text file or indicate a website and that was&# 8217; s it for now.

The Word Cloud of TagCrowd is simple - very simpleThe Word Cloud of TagCrowd is easy &# 8211; very easy

On the plus side is the ability to switch the language and specify unwanted words that should not appear in the Word-Cloud. Perhaps this simplicity is just so tempting for some. Sometimes less is indeed more. And you can simple Clouds in blue tones, after all, save it as a PDF file or accept a complete HTML code for embedding in a web page. Moreover, can be saved as SVG files a cloud like that.

Seat 2: Word cloud Creator Tagxedo

This word cloud generator is not quite as easy to use. One has to deal some time before getting results. But then quite well. So you can leave form in Tagxedo * your Clouds example, in "Shapes". Then the words fill an outline that may be about a balloon, the earth or a banana.

To use Tagxedo, however, the browser plug-in Silverlight must be installed that is not supported by some browsers.

The Tagxedo word cloud is definitely something different!The Tagxedo word cloud is definitely something different!

An interesting feature of Tagxedo, that you present your Word cloud can save them as graphics in JPG or PNG, and even different resolutions are possible. And you may be able to save even as HTML Cloud (for my website). An exclusion list of common words can also edit it. Here you are all the words of a text - sorted by frequency - display. Then you simply click on the filler words that you would not see in the cloud. This feature found under "Word Layout Options → Skip".

As for the sources Tagxedo is flexible in his Word cloud. Here you can specify websites and paste text from the clipboard. But in addition, there is the option to upload a text file with words.

1st place: The all-rounder word clouds

to build on this page Word Clouds, is a lot of fun and can cause you spend plenty of time there. Think of any feature for a Word Cloud - at you will find it. You can upload as sources for the word clouds text files, Office and PDF files, but also specify the website address or simply paste the text from the clipboard. Remember they can be as PNG and JPG - also with image map for the website. Also, you can save it as the PDF or SVG. Here, sizes of up to 3,000 times 3,000 pixels are possible!

word-cloud word cloudWord Clouds in the luxury version

For the word clouds yourselves are plenty of forms and color models. If you do not submit the prescribed forms, the website offers you the opportunity to upload their own forms as PNG or GIF.

The application lets you choose from many fonts you and additionally on Google Fonts fall back on. A word list has to manually influence the weighting of individual words and to determine even color values ​​and links option.

Who hinbekommt with this offer no appealing Word cloud for which this is perhaps just nothing ...

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Word cloud apps for iPad and Android

One must not necessarily be limited to an attractive word cloud on the deals on the web. Indeed, there are also great apps if you want to customize these images themselves. This also has the advantage that the storage is possible here the same as a file.

With cloudart we create a word cloud on the iPadWith cloudart we create a word cloud on the iPad

is a truly chic and well thought representative of these apps cloudart by Richard Wilson. They are available only for the iPad. The texts for the Clouds can you either insert the clipboard or you can specify a web page here.

The Word cloud itself is still quite large adjustable. There are provided a lot of fonts and the color combinations are chic. A typical Apple application precisely. The finished result can be saved as JPG or PDF and share. It is also really good that you can change individual words, remove or vice can be weighted to adjust the cloud his own ideas. With a price of 1.09 euros, it is about as expensive as a cheap chocolate.

cloudartdownloadQR codecloudartDeveloper: Richard Wilson *Price: 1.09 € Word ClouddownloadQR codeWord CloudDeveloper: Smart PuffinPrice: Free


The free Android app for this purpose is the same "Word Cloud". You can thus generate Word Clouds in various sizes and colors can even save it as a PNG image. Some effort is the text input, because that must be done word for word. Prepared forms and color models provide variety, but the colors determined her to request itself. The results are not terribly exciting, but for "now and then" quite useful.


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