King Arthur 2 – The Movie: Is there a sequel?

In early May 2017, the slightly different knight epic with Charlie Hunnam is in the lead role in the movie theaters. Some interviews can suggest that King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is only the beginning of a series. That's why we ask at this point: Will there be King Arthur 2? we have gathered here for you all worth knowing information.

The Arthussage is ideally suited for the big screen: Arthur is penniless squire of Sir Ector with a noble lineage, of which he knows nothing. As Ector missed his sword during a tournament, Arthur is applied to look for this. he finds Excalibur instead of the missing sword: Years ago Merlin has driven with the help of his magic powers the sword called Excalibur into a stone. written on the handle of the sword is: "Who is able to pull the sword from the stone, is the rightful king of Britain." Arthur's royal lineage is revealed and he put on the throne of Great Britain.

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Initial plans for King Arthur 2 - the film?

No wonder that Warner Bros. for quite some time working on a film version of the saga. Game of Thrones*King Arthur 2 - The Movie: Is there a sequel? has also very well shown us that combined with historical and fantastic costumes and much pathos sword fights go down well. With Guy Ritchie as a director to Warner Bros. has also brought someone on board who has grown up as a Briton not only the legend of King Arthur, but with Sherlock Holmes *King Arthur 2 - The Movie: Is there a sequel? has already earned the first spores.

Warner Bros. seems to be convinced of the film that it first Rumors about the expansion into a franchise is: Even before the start of filming of King Arthur said Guy Ritchie that a total of six films were being considered. but concrete plans to content and production did not yet exist.

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If the film is as legendary as the substance?

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By the production company Warner Bros. it is probably only used to also think the smartest a continuation and not to plan. There is always the profit that decides whether a franchise for a studio not makes sense or not. The production cost of as much as 102 million US dollars also need only be recorded once again.

The opening weekend in the US was not going well. Only 14.7 million US dollars were recorded. With the third place in the box office he so unfortunately undercut expectations. With around 175,000 visitors, the film opener in Germany is in midfield. but for a sequel more revenue must be found definitely. how the film will develop in the next few weeks, it remains to be seen.

At Rotten Tomatoes, the film has so far Unfortunately, only a rating of 25 percent and 4.8 of 10 points. And also with a guest appearance by World Player David Beckham one has done no favors: The name Beckham may tempt one or two more viewers to the cinema, the actor's representation desselbigen however, was the first reviews by underground.

but still nothing is decided and everything is possible. We will wait must how the film does at the box office. but we'll keep you in any case to date.


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