WinRAR REV – restore damaged archives

The WinRAR Download is the first choice in finding a strong and reliable compression utility for many users. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that archives are damaged, such as a faulty file transfer itself. For such cases, WinRAR offers solutions so that content from defective archives do not need to find your way to the trash.

Restore WinRAR REV files with REV files can WinRAR restore damaged volume

Using REV files can WinRAR damaged restore archives. Here, a REV-file with WinRAR must be applied in the creation of an archive. are used REV files to restore only archives that are split into multiple parts.

Create WinRAR REV files

The information from the REV files are used WinRAR if an archive was damaged, eg. As in a faulty upload or download. Even with problems in data transmission, such as a copy of a scratched CD single WinRAR files can be transmitted incorrectly. To create a recovery file in the REV format with WinRAR, first select as usual the files for creating the archive. In the "General" should set a maximum volume size to the archive is divided into several parts. In the "Advanced" section of the configuration of the archive, the "volume" option can be found.

WinRAR REV create recovery files in the REV format can be created with WinRAR for any archiving process

Here now find the settings for the Restore files in the REV format under WinRAR. At this point, it indicates the number of recovery volumes. WinRAR can recover a damaged archive for each restore volume. When specifying the amount of volume you should note that the creation of recovery files with WinRAR to up to 255 REV files is limited. "OK" to confirm you entries and WinRAR creates the Archive and restore files. In contrast to the normal creation process of archives should take a longer waiting time in buying now. When the process is completed, WinRAR has created the archive, including re pressworkManufacture files. These carry the file extension .rev instead .rar.

Create WinRAR REV files to existing archives

With the created REV files can now repair damaged archives again. When the part is defective, that appears during Entpackvorgangs WinRAR. In this case, lead the decompressing by the first REV file. WinRAR now repaired individual parts independently. This process also will take a certain amount of time again.

WinRAR REV options recovery volume can also be retrofitted to create WinRAR

REV files of split archives can also create later. For this Allte Parts on the hard disk must be available. If one selects the first part of the split archive in WinRAR. By right-clicking or the shortcut "Ctrl + I" the information is displayed. you can now create the additional recovery volume in the "Options". Again, select the desired number of REV files and confirm via "OK". Now WinRAR created as already described above, the recovery volumes for an existing archive gesplittetes.


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