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Equipment and weapons in Tom Clancy&# 8217; s The Division are categorized into five levels of rarity. Do you find, for example, a gun, showing a purple icon, you have a weapon category &# 8220; superior&# 8221; in your possession. This can you also obtain special dealers. but ye have not enough money, we'll show you in this guide as you can get for superior items in The Division blueprints.

In The Division could you blueprints find different weapons and equipment. They are available in three different Quality levels. Requires its blueprints for purple items, it is already difficult to find them. In this Guide we want to tell you how best you blueprints Items for the level &# 8220; superior&# 8221; receive can.

We compare in this video the video between the PC and PlayStation 4:

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Tom Clancy&# 8217; s The Division: What you need blueprints

blueprints are a good option if you want your hard-earned money is not necessarily spend at merchants in the Dark Zone. Have you still a special weapon on offer found her and does not have the wherewithal, can you in another Guide read about how you can get money quickly. Do you want to earn credits Phoenix, we also have here a tutorial for it. From time to bosses also drop in the Dark Zone or elite opponents outside the contaminated zone purple-colored items.

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Do you have a blueprint found, you can they as often as possible use to make items. This should also do. Craftet her namely an item randomly from the game 'diced, what damage or what bonuses has the weapon. However, this applies not only to Weapons, for .... As well Equipment. So has her more from the used crafting material in inventory should, produce their several items.

The manufacturing station must drive her, if you want to produce items from blueprints.The manufacturing station must drive her, if you want to produce items from blueprints.

Builds the Item apart, which no special bonuses and effects used, so you get some resources back again. Elsewhere you read more tips for crafting system in The division. Missing you, nor Division Tech, you can search information that in another Guide read.

So you get faster blueprints for superior items

While you explore the streets of Manhattan, you should always have the eyes civilians stop that you Side missions bring. new safe Houses grant you access to new side quests. Speak to the JTF-Officer, gives you side bets or studying the Job board, to get new battles and side quests.

Go through the menu of the production station to see what you can to craft it.Go through the menu of the production station to see what you can to craft it.

more tips around blueprints to get for valuable items that you read in the following:

  • Do you choose on the map a secondary mission, you see already what you get for the performance.
  • Have you completed all the side missions of Districts, you will receive once more a reward that bring you also from time to special blueprints.
  • Have completed their one SideQuest, goes to the JTF officer to get your reward.
  • Completed her certain side missions in the districts are guaranteed valuable blueprints.
More powerful weapons can you use this crafting blueprints.

closes her all side missions in the following Districts from, get their blueprints for superior Weapons:

  • Times Square
  • Flatiron
  • Kips Bay
  • Midtown East

Would you rather blueprints for superior Equipment, must complete their these districts:

  • Bright&# 8217; s Kitchen
  • Gramercy

Closes her all side missions in Turtle Bay from, you will receive a Power Mod for superior equipment. Some blueprints get her by some dealers the who can be found in the Dark Zone. For this you need but DZ currency.

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