read “other” messages on Smartphone and Tablet: Facebook

With the Facebook Messenger you can communicate synchronously and in secret with your friends via private message. Lest ye be spammed by all kinds of Facebook users, get their messages from users who are not friends with you, not in your inbox, but in the "Other" folder.


In addition, you will not be informed by sound or optical signal when a new message from a stranger on Facebook received. On the computer you can view the "Other" -Nachrichtenordner, by clicking on your profile on the speech bubble icon on the top right. But what about the "other" messages to Facebook on your phone or tablet?

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see "Miscellaneous" folder on the phone: Facebook &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

With the Facebook Messenger app you will be informed by push of new messages. However, messages go here only if you become a friend of the author of the message. "Other" messages from people you go under in the Facebook app. It does not matter whether you use Facebook on Android, iPhone, iPad, or Windows Phone - the "Other" folder can not be called normal way.

Nevertheless, there is a small detour over which leaves open the "Other" folder on the mobile phone on Android, iOS and Co..


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read "other" messages on Smartphone and Tablet: Facebook

  1. However, for this you shall not use the Facebook app, or the Facebook Messenger.
  2. Opens in such situations is the Facebook website as normal through the browser on your smartphone.
  3. Over the three bars you can call up the settings.
  4. Scroll all the way down.
  5. There you will find the button "desktop view".
  6. With the activated desktop view you move now to the upper right as "normal" by the browser version of Facebook is known to click the news.
  7. Now you can also access via mobile phone or tablet to the "other" messages of other Facebook users.
  8. Do you want to see again the mobile Facebook page in the browser, simply calls the appropriate URL:

facebook-other-folder app

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