FIFA 18 does not start: solution helps to problems, bugs and crashes

The launch of FIFA 18 is not free of problems, crashes and bugs. So many players will find about the download button on Origin not before and the game still can not download. But installation problems or edition bonuses that can not be found, among the defects. At this point we collect all known problems for you and offer their solutions.

Here gets you points for FIFA 18!*

FIFA 18 is here and not worry everywhere for enthusiasm as in our test. Installation problems, missing download button and rewards are just some of the problems currently circulating around the game. We list below all known problems for you and offer the first solutions.

Have you drawn from the pack already good players cards? You see in the following video, on which players we can look forward.

11901FIFA 18: Pack Opening with Christoph and Sandro

No download button on Origin

Many players complain that the download button for FIFA 18 will not appear on Origin. Unless you have not purchased directly on Origin the game, but from other dealers such as Saturn and Media Markt, it can lead to delays here. EA is the problem, according to a tweet on Twitter but conscious and working on it.

Have you purchased a third-Key, you should take a turn to your dealer if it still does not work with you. also noted that the download may break again ever since the servers are overloaded, as expected for the launch.

Start Photogallery(101 images)FIFA 18: Player values ​​- The ratings of the top 100 professionals

Amazon strike ensures late delivery

Have you ordered from Amazon FIFA 18, there can be delays in delivery. In some dispatch centers of the online retailer, is currently namely strike and staff disturbs primarily FIFA 18 itself that is equipped with the Amazon guarantee that everyone gets his game to the publication date.

The strike is still ongoing until Saturday night and the affected camps include Rheinburg, Werne, Leipzig and digging near Augsburg. Do you live in these areas, the delivery of FIFA 18 can at worst drag on until early next week.


Missing Edition and Vorbestellerboni

Have you purchased one of the special editions of FIFA 18, but finds your extras not in the game? Then proceed as follows:

  1. Starts the mode &# 8220; FIFA Ultimate Team&# 8221;.
  2. Look in the main menu on the left after the point &# 8220; Unallocated items&# 8221;.
  3. Here you can get you your bonuses.

Bonus Players out on loan as Ronaldo finds her as well as unopened card packs in the shop of the game.

Installation on the PS4 does not start

Ensures that you updated before installing FIFA 18 on the PS4 system software. Checks also that you have enough disk space, or the download will cancel again. Have you bought FIFA 18 online and can not download, look in the library of your PS4. Here you must appear 18 under the purchased games FIFA.

Rewards in FUT can not be found

You have earned in FUT over day tasks and Squad Battles coins, but they can not find? This may be due to:

  • Waits after retrieval of rewards in FUT something. Sometimes appear slightly delayed rewards in store.
  • If you Squad Battles have long played and get the message while getting the rewards that you still should wait a bit, this instruction followed. It sometimes really takes a while before you get the rewards. So do not be impatient.

Do you still have more problems with FIFA 18, which have not been mentioned? Then they write us in the comments and help you and each other!


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