Safari on iPhone and iPad: Hidden History use (Mini-Tip)

Safari - Apple's mobile web browser for iPhone and iPad in iOS - in addition to the normal course of visited web pages also offers a hidden feature.

Safari on iPhone and iPad: Hidden History use (Mini-Tip)

Since iOS 7, we can in a browser window by using Safari swipe gestures navigate between the previously opened Web pages. For this we simply wipe from the left edge to the right - then we go to the previous page. this works well Conversely. A hidden history of visited web pages of each tab are also available. What are we going to do?

Show hidden history in Safari - Here's how ...

In the bottom of the screen of Safari we see a Back arrow (<). we type this only briefly, so we equivalent to swiping one page. However, we believe that this typed longer for a moment, then opens a list of previously visited Web pages - our hidden browser history. Now we can summarily find, touch and open the desired page.


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Restriction: No complete course

It should be noted however that this is not a complete browsing history. But the Websites of each open tabs We see in this way in an overview. We want a Overview of all previously opened pages have, so we type in Safari on the book icon, and found below in item 2 the actual course.

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