Setting up a network using socket with Powerline – Here’s

Should you have decided you to want to set up a network using socket, then a few moves to make. We assist you in the transition from WLAN to Powerline and name all the important factors that should be taken into account her there.

Setting up a network using socket with Powerline - Here's

Powerline, the Internet out of the socket, is climbing the list. Not only safer, and cleaner than Wi-Fi is the network of electricity. We guide you in setting up your own network and provide the most important advice.

Setting up network via socket: Powerline

Setting up a powerline network is very fast. Followed the following steps and you can move in an apartment with no Wi-rays and with a wireless network. But beware: Cable takes her in spite of everything, because Powerline is not wireless.


If you opt for a Powerline Starter Kit (Internet from the socket: How it works and these are the providers) should know that that's not enough. Unfortunately Simply plug it in and start surfing does not work.

Your also required a router for Internet access, including Ethernet jack. Also, of course you should have installed a browser on all computers participating in the network. Checks before you spread wild plug, if only one network software is on your computer that is compatible with your current network adapter.


So you furnish the powerline network

  1. Plugged the adapter into the socket (we recommend connecting the adapter as close to the router and without intermediate outlet such as power strips)
  2. now connects over the network cable (in most cases included) the adapter and the router
  3. Turns all computers on the network and put an adapter for each PC into an empty socket or even between the PC power cord and socket, if the adapter offers an outlet
  4. now connects cable with adapter and PC

If the computer with the adapter connected correctly, you realize that the luminous display adapter. but do not be impatient, it may take several minutes before the adapters are connected.

So you encrypt the network from the socket

Although Powerline is much more secure than Wi-Fi, you should encrypt your network yet. Used for the most supplied software and follow the installation routine.

  1. Ask yourselves your browser whether you want active content to confirm confirmed Yes
  2. Follows the further configuration routine and confirms all the steps until you're through with it
  3. Turns the encryption by their choosing in the Utilities Modem 2
  4. Select the "Security" tab and give a code in "New Encryption Key"
    • This code may consist of numbers, letters and characters. You should Him either keep you in an inaccessible location or remember about a mnemonic.
  5. Give the code again under "Confirm New Encryption Key" and will update the field
  6. Go to the "Main" tab and choose Modem 3
  7. Repeat the steps for all other participating in the network computer

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