OnePlus 5 has outdated display

A bold iPhone clone successful overall package, uncompromising perfection - the response to the OnePlus 5 is like a roller coaster. At least the last description, by the way, comes from OnePlus itself, acts in the context of a discovery but rather doubtful. For obviously the new smartphone has the same display panel, which dwells already in the eight-month-old OnePlus 3T.

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In our extensive review of colleague Peter 5 certified that the OnePlus a solid display, but can not keep up with the high-end competition from 2017 - with good reason, as is now known. The new smartphone OnePlus the S6E3FA5 panel from Samsung is used as Roland Quandt, author at WinFuture discovered. It is the same model that is installed in OnePlus 3T. Said panel in turn represents only a marginal upgrade to S6E3FA3 of OnePlus third

As I said, the display of the OnePlus 5 is not bad and acts thanks to Gorilla Glass 5 even somewhat clearer than its predecessor. But it is not on par with a Samsung Galaxy or HTC S8 U11. That OnePlus regularly speaks of "perfection", which is a pretty weighty compromise. This is not necessarily a deal breaker, since the display is still satisfactory, but joins the questionable decisions OnePlus&8217; one - the start of the course, OnePlus 5 with the iPhone design.

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OnePlus 5 is still useful, popular and successful

but at the end it remains the case that the OnePlus 5 offers a good overall package. Particularly in view of the price performance and build quality are almost unbeatable, although the price has increased since the previous and supposed high-end models like the LG G6, are now to have even cheaper:

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The latter has the advantage of an almost rimless display, which knows how to impress as the Galaxy S8. The OnePlus 5 is currently pre-order with code before the sale on June 27 starts properly.

Source: @rquandt via Phone Arena


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