Doom: End of Season Pass, free DLCs and free weekend

Doom for all! Bethesda lowers the price of the retro shooter, abolishes the fee Season Pass and let you bargain play for free for a whole weekend.

9209Doom in the testFor those who still could not play the successful Doom reboot so far, he perfect time has come. In keeping with the update 6.66 Bethesda has opened the gates of hell for all players far.

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So the patch will remove the Season Pass and instead make all previous and future DLCs available free of charge. For all players who have not had the Season Pass, which therefore means nine new maps, three additional weapons and demons, new equipment, armor set and more. And all for free! major changes in the level system, allowing you to more effectively unlock your desired equipment also are included in the patch.

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In addition, the price of the game is considerably reduced. So we taste of retro shooter in the future digital only 14.99 euros. Whether you the game is this good value, you can free trial, because Bethesda is offering today a free weekend for Doom. This begins for PC and Xbox One player already at 18.00 or 19.00, PlayStation player, however, be allowed to go on free hunting demons from the 27th of July.


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