Android 2.0 Car: Immediately via smartphone in every vehicle available [APK Download]

Google today officially uncoupled Android Auto 2.0 of a specific system of a vehicle and now allows use in any car - check out the smartphone. In the future, the service will be expanded.

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just use Android Auto 2.0 with any smartphone

Google has launched Android car two years ago and gained to date, the support 200 new vehicles from 50 brands. But not every driver has a vehicle display and the ability to use Android Auto. The use of Google Maps for navigation is even with the smartphone possible but with Android Auto you get an extensive navigation system with which just can not only provide information on turning or the track Show, but it can a variety of functions used by voice become. That is what the car yet - Hands off the phone while driving.

Android Auto 2.0 is distributed immediately

Android Auto 2.0

So Android Auto 2.0 brings the freedom to use your smartphone independently of the vehicle with all functions. If the car supports Bluetooth, the app can automatically start even if one gets in the car and so does output the commands by voice over the complex. Otherwise, you can buy a smart phone holder * and so gets naturally displayed directly as the line runs.

Then with the voice command "OK, Google" various functions can be used. This includes playing music via Spotify, Pandora and Google Music. You can send messages or make calls - without touching the smartphone. Now that so many users will be added, Google builds in the coming weeks the language support even further. Android Auto is therefore always better with time and extensive.

Android Car 2.0 Download

Android 2.0 Car OnePlus 3Android Auto 2.0 on the OnePlus 3

Android Auto 2.0 is distributed now in 30 countries. Germany is fortunately this, since Android Auto in this country is also supported. So you can install the app and use Android Auto with your smart phone in the car. Requirement is Android 5.0 Lollipop or later. Whether Apple now follow suit with carplay remains to be seen.

Android car - maps, media, text and speechdownloadQR codeAndroid car - maps, media, text and speechDeveloper: Google LLCPrice: Free

With whom the latest version is not yet displayed in the Play Store, the APK can download and install it manually. Under certain circumstances, the installation from unknown sources should be permitted.

Android 2.0 Car: Immediately via smartphone in every vehicle available [APK Download]downloadQR codeAndroid 2.0 Car APK DownloadFile size: 21.6 MB

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