You can uninstall the Adobe Flash Player

The Flash Player from Adobe enables display of animated and interactive content on the web. Most of the Adobe Flash Player is available as a download browser extension so that the media can be accessed directly on the web and play. But mainly because of the vulnerability and the security gaps are occurring more, many of them play with the idea of ​​the Adobe Flash Player to uninstall.

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uninstall Adobe Flash Player

Speak of the Flash Player, you immediately think of video offerings on YouTube or other Internet portals. But security holes and exploit vulnerabilities that come to mind and make the Flash Player into an increasingly unpopular more advanced program. And failed Flash Player updates are a reason to uninstall the Flash Player. Basically, there are several procedures to do so.

Delete the Flash Player in the browser

uninstall Adobe Flash Player from Firefox

If you want to disable the flash player in Firefox due to re vulnerability, you can do so from within the browser. Do this, open the Add-ons Web browser and disable the Flash player. This is no longer running. If you are missing any web content, you can uninstall the Flash Player in the same dialog box.

Analogous procedures are also true for the Flash Player plugin for Internet Explorer and the built-in Google Chrome's Flash Player.

uninstall the Flash Player through Control Panel

The Windows Control Panel is the central point of contact when it comes to software and installed programs. Here, each program is listed, which is present on the computer. Including Adobe Flash Player.

uninstall Adobe Flash Player Control
The Flash Player from Adobe can be uninstalled from the Control Panel

Before the button &Uninstall; # 8220&# 8221; click, you should first close all programs that use Flash. For example, the web browser, but also instant messengers such as Yahoo! or AOL. Afterwards can be deleted by the operation of the Flash Player button completely from the computer.

use the Uninstaller from Adobe

Manufacturer Adobe offers on the website of instructions including a uninstaller, which removes the flash player easily. If you plan to reinstall the Flash Player after uninstalling, you should choose this method. The uninstaller also deletes all files in the Flash player in the user's personal folder.


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