The Surge: All trophies and achievements – Guide to 100%

The Surge is traded since the announcement as a sci-fi Dark Souls and a look at the list of trophies and achievements so far also confirms this impression. No wonder, it is the developers to Deck13, who are responsible for the Dark Souls clone Lords of the Fallen. What achievements are there to earn The Surge, we show you our guide for the 100% game completion.

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The Surge makes previewed already a good impression and inverts the Souls game principle, the sci-fi corset over. As a player you are allowed in your exo-Rig, a kind of metal armor, explore a space station and fights mainly to Nahm fight against all kinds of robots and machines. Here you switched by victories in boss battles and other special actions lots Achievements and Trophies free.

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Achievements and Trophies at a glance

In The Surge you can total 46 Achievements and 47 trophies (1x platinum, 1x Gold, silver 13x, 32x Bronze) snag. The activation conditions for some similar Achievements those of Souls games sometimes very. So there Achievements for your first screen death, if you scrap your back defeated collect (equivalent of souls) or the various bosses in the game, everything you will demand a certainly.

the-surge-trophies-successes-screenshotFor the fight against the giant bosses there are also earning Achievements.

In the following chart we show you all achievements and trophies with their activation conditions. Once The Surge will appear on May 16, 2017 we will also Guides and videos on individual achievements link to facilitate you the activation.

Attention! For spoiler reasons we have the secret and hidden trophies and achievements in a separate table listed below.

the-surgeThe Surge-platinum-final
Switches all trophies
I'll be backI'll be backgamer core 15bronze-final
You died for the first time
the-is-good-mineThat's probably minegamer core 15bronze-final
You have died and have regained your lost scrap metal
to-meltTo meltgamerscore-30silver-final
Defeat all five melting robot
hear who's hammeringHear who's hammeringgamer core 15bronze-final
You have a gun with the Nano core (production component) upgraded.
man of Steelman of Steelgamerscore-30silver-final
You have an entire item set with the Nano core (production component) upgraded.
the-internal-oneThe inside countsgamer core 15bronze-final
Increases your core power to 80
Jack of all tradesJack of all tradesgamerscore-30silver-final
Obtained with all types of weapons, a weapon skill of 5
nothing to loseNothing to losegamer core 15bronze-final
You have been carrying more than 50,000 scrap with you
born-optimistborn optimistgamerscore-30silver-final
You defeated a boss, while you had at least 20,000 scrap it
GoliathGOLIATHgamer core 15bronze-final
Obtained a complete GOLIATH Item Set
operator-1OPERATORgamer core 15bronze-final
Obtained a complete OPERATOR-item set
sentinelSENTINELgamer core 15bronze-final
Obtained a complete SENTINEL-item set

Secret and hidden Achievements

paxP.A.Xgamer core 15bronze-final
You have the Pacification Automaton X defeated
fire Devilfire Devilgamer core 15bronze-final
You have the LU-74 &Firebug; # 8220&# 8221; defeated
big sisterBig sistergamer core 15bronze-final
You have the Big SISTER 1/3 defeated
black-cerberusBlack Cerberusgamer core 20bronze-final
You have the security chief of Echelon 9 defeats
beautiful new worldBeautiful new worldgamerscore-30silver-final
You have finished the game without corrupting the Utopia protocols
Well-to-the-humanityFor the benefit of humanitygamerscore-30silver-final
You have finished the game and the Utopia protocols corrupted
stand on their own legsStand on their own legsgamer core 15bronze-final
You received your personal CREO Exo-Rig
stop-to-stop-exactly-toListen, listen carefully!gamer core 15bronze-final
You received your personal CREO companion drone
creo-killed-the-video-starCREO Killed the Video Stargamer core 15bronze-final
You Don Hackett made
hm-upgradesHm, upgradesgamer core 15bronze-final
You've upgraded your exo-rig for the first time
safety firstsafety firstgamer core 15bronze-final
You received the plant security upgrade for your Exo-Rig
Who is the bossWho is the boss?gamer core 15bronze-final
You have the board found
Turing testTuring testgamer core 15bronze-final
You have personally met Sally
they came-they-they-sniffed-won-She came! She sniffed! She won!gamer core 50gold-final
You received the Iron Mouse Equipment
sunglasses-at-nightSunglasses at Nightgamer core 15bronze-final
You have found a pair of sunglasses
drug barondrug lordgamer core 15bronze-final
You helped someone to fill his medicine stock
You gave Jo thrice scrap
You can not passYou can not pass!gamer core 15bronze-final
You have the guard at NUCLEUS elevator defeated
You have a lost soul in search accompanied by himself
the-ghost-in-the-machineThe ghost in the machinegamer core 15bronze-final
You have accompanied a father and his little daughter on their way through the factory
follow-the-white-rabbitFollow the White Rabbitgamerscore-30silver-final
You found all Audiologs Mallory
all-beginning-is-difficultRough Startgamer core 15bronze-final
You received your personal work equipment
salvationsalvationgamer core 15bronze-final
You found all Audiologs the infamous "Liberators"
raging-dronesfrenzied dronesgamer core 15bronze-final
You found all of Audiologs and Ferguson
evolutionary theorytheory of evolutiongamer core 15bronze-final
You all Audiologs Dr. Murphy found
butcherbutchergamer core 15bronze-final
You have your human opponents all sorts of body parts at least once relegated
Most WantedMost Wantedgamerscore-30silver-final
You have the factory security forces in the manufacturing complex B provoked and defeated

For this, you have the factory security forces in the second level &# 8220; manufacturing complex B&# 8221; defeat. They always occur in a double and can be found in the level twice each such Duo, but of which you have to defeat only one of success. They tried it with the help of your drone to attract individually, since the fight against both at the same time, special to the beginning of the game, is quite difficult.

In the following video we show you how we were able to successfully defeat the plant security forces.

846The Surge: So you switched the Achievement "Most Wanted" free

You have the cultists of the vending machine defeated
the-is-blue-lightThe blue light isgamer core 15bronze-final
You killed an enemy in the dark with the Astir SpectreBite
I-choose-youI Choose Yougamer core 15bronze-final
You found a BOTECS-energy core for your companions Drone
homo-machinalisHomo Machinalisgamer core 15bronze-final
You have Barrett killed after his transformation into Homo Machinalis
fuer-with-fireFire with firegamerscore-30silver-final
You have a boss with his own weapon defeated
guard dogguard doggamerscore-30silver-final
You have the entire Black Cerberus set and the MG Judge received
snoopsnoopgamer core 20bronze-final
You have completed your Iron Mouse comic collection

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