What is svchost.exe – and it’s safe?

You have when reviewing your system a file called "svchost.exe" found and asks you, whether it is a virus or something similar? We clarify.

What is svchost.exe - and it's safe?
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First of all: The system file "svchost.exe" is harmless in itself, but it may also be malware, particularly Trojans act. To exclude this case, we recommend to check if they are located in the folder C: \ Windows \ system32. it does not, it is most likely malicious software -> Annoying malware and brake system remove CCleaner for Windows 7

What is svchost.exe

If it is not malware, the file svchost.exe an important Windows system file that other services that depend on DLL files supported. These include the automatic detection of USB devices or the print function.

Svchost sessions are started by the operating system when they are needed and it also ended again afterwards. But that also means that multiple instances of the file system can operate simultaneously.

Typical system services running under the svchost process include:

  • Windows firewall
  • Plug and Play
  • Fax service
  • Windows themes
  • automatic updates
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How can you tell whether a pest is svchost.exe

As described in detail, it can also be malware in some cases svchost.exe. Is about the CPU utilization up to 100% and you'll no complex processes, can hide behind the exe a pest that downloads the additional data from the Internet.

However, a high load on the CPU is not uncommon for svchost.exe because the automatic update of Windows is extremely resource-intensive. However, this is not active, the suspected malware is installed immediately.

Known pests that can change the Registry Windows to impersonate svchost.exe, include:

So you checked the authenticity of svchost.exe

In order to accurately detect whether the current svchost processes described Directory C: \ Windows \ System32 are, you can relate a system query certainty.

Give the Start menu > Run for the following lines:


and in this window then

Task List -svc

You are listed processes that are not listed in the System32 directory is a threat.

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