Endurance test: iPhone 7 against alleged superacid

After countless drop and hardness tests, the iPhone 7 has to say in so far probably the most difficult test. The Apple smartphone is placed on a YouTuber in fluoroantimonic acid. The will to survive of the unit surprised.

Endurance test: iPhone 7 against alleged superacid

When it comes to the wanton destruction of hardware worth several hundred euros, many YouTube users are particularly creative. A 10-meter dive and a fall from a helicopter had to let a few iPhone 7 fare already about himself. the YouTuber TechRax sets up a gear now and donated a black iPhone 7 a dip in fluoroantimonic acid. Those acid is one of the super acids, and is one of the strongest acids known on this planet.

iPhone 7 does well

When you think of the scenes of many action series, the smartphone was supposed to melt away and in a few seconds, the internal components should be visible. The reality is somewhat different. As soon as he flipped the acid on the smartphone, happened a long time nothing. After 12 hours, he looks at which time the color has already solved again. Of damage to the internal components, however, nothing can be seen.

To make the whole thing a bit more exciting, the smart phone still gets off a little hydrogen peroxide, causing the paint further answers. Finally TechRax turns the smartphone with the display facing up and putting it another five minutes in sulfuric acid.

Purely due to the optical damage could assume that this device may no longer work. After a short charging the display of the iPhone 7 will turn on and boot fully. Despite the burns on the front and back of the phone can still operate.

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No real fluoroantimonic acid?

In the comments of the YouTube video is hotly debated whether it is indeed the real fluoroantimonic acid in the supposed super acid. For example, many criticize that the acid would not apply without protective mask in its actual form, since it would otherwise harm the body. In addition, many dare to doubt that he can get his hands on the real super acid at all, because they can dissolve in an instant all the substances and is therefore particularly dangerous. Whether it was actually a real fluoroantimonic acid, we can not say unfortunately.

Source: YouTube via curved

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