FUT United started 16 Ultimate Team in FIFA 2016

Also this year, EA Sports lures again with the FUT United Action in the "Ultimate Team" mode in FIFA 16. As part of "FUT United" in 2016 you can, among other things, a trip to the "El Clasico", the game between win FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Below you will find an overview of the rules and prizes at FIFA 16 FUT United.

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FUT United is a special promotion that was launched as part of the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 16th


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FUT United 2016: So you can win

fut-united-16So you can participate in the FUT United lottery:

  • To end up in the prize pool, it is sufficient to complete 16 Ultimate Team in the coming days later than Monday, February 22 19:00 a game in FIFA.
  • UT games are considered on the platforms PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.
  • The requirement is that you are logged on with an account online in FIFA 16th
  • Permissible parts are the tutorial encounter season games, tournaments and challenges (both online and offline).
  • FUT Draft games will not be considered for FUT United.
  • After graduating from a game in Ultimate Team you will automatically participate in the competition.
  • Who does not want to participate, must be independently unsubscribe by mail at the address [email protected]
  • When winning is obtained an e-mail to the registered at the online registration for the FUT account address.
  • A purchase of packs does not increase the chance of winning, so it must be no additional money will be spent.
  • Details and rules for participation are available in a separate PDF.


One can win 16 UT in FUT United at FIFA

The main prize of the FUT United Action is a package consisting of a round-trip flight and a hotel on the occasion of the match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in Barcelona. In addition, 10 winners can skim each 1 million coins for Ultimate team. 3000 winners will be put off at least a Jumob premium gold-level. This includes 24 cards, including at least 20 gold and seven rare objects in the form of players and consumer cards.

With us you will find tips and tricks for coins in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. We also show you the Winter upgrades in FIFA 16th


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