File Sharing: The 5 best tools and methods to download

bittorrent transmission mac screenshotFile sharing is still a popular sport in the web community in the year of 2010. Despite ongoing attempts by the media groups and industry representatives to ban most illegal swapping of music, movies and software over P2P networks and other sources, you can still download almost every conceivable medium with little effort. But the legal use of file sharing programs is on the rise. The Load blog takes a look at the file sharing scene these days.

Inset: file sharing is (mostly) illegal

A small note first: Copyrighted material may not be passed over P2P networks and similar sources. Also effective bypassing copy protection is prohibited. Among the legal niceties, the side was recommended at this point. Grob and in short form: file sharing programs are legitimate. copyrighted material is prohibited 100%, upload or download, for which one has no license. All programs listed here are mentioned for documentation purposes, we distance ourselves from any abuse for the purpose of copyright infringement.

Top 5: filesharing 2010

Napster is, at least as a forefather of P2P file sharing networks, long dead, even after KaZaA and WinMX no cock crows more. But what software and tools are currently used for file sharing? We at the Load blog executed a closer look.

eD2K / eMule

emule screenshot

The eD2K network, together with the widespread clients (access program) eMule is alive and kicking. And for many good reasons: first, eMule has a very solid protocol that is virtually tamper-proof. Secondly, eMule works completely serverless and has a built-in file search, so it is not necessary to be a member in exchange communities to get at your files. Still, there are those communities that maintain their inventory file downright affectionate. Downside to eMule and the numerous mods (modifications) is the most low download speed. For that files remain on the network longer available on other networks and file offer goes more in width. Anyone who has a penchant for rare, old and obscure files, you should first look for eMule.

Recommended clients: eMule (eMule Download at Winload), eMule ScarAngel (for hobbyists and experts), aMule (Mac and Linux)


utorrent screenshotBitTorrent has been through an enormous change. Torrent was in his early days a pure geek toys, this type knows the content distribution today everyone. Index sites like ThePirateBay have a firm place in the Internet history, BitTorrent is supported by many hardware manufacturers today, lightweight clients like uTorrent or integrated directly into Opera BitTorrent client make the record even beginners available. BitTorrent is now applied in many legal areas, such as to distribute the patches of World of Warcraft. Even intelligent mechanisms in the protocol now integrated to distribute the load of the BT traffic better and peers that are nearby to favor and thus to relieve the international traffic.

The underground scene wont continue the torrent. hundrets of &Private trackers; # 8220&# 8221; exist in the file sharing wilderness for which one needs access. to get that, or can go into the money at least equivalent to a classic job interview. For those that exchanges data on public trackers a là Pirate Bay does not reach too high download speeds. Too bad also that BitTorrent files is quick to &# 8220; corpse&# 8221; be, that are not fully available.

Recommended BitTorrent client: uTorrent (Download uTorrent at Winload)


frostwire screenshotThe Gnutella network, together with its offspring Gnutella2 is the oldest P2P protocol widely used yet. It is less robust and unresponsive to manipulation than eD2K / eMule, but still has a broad fan base. The most common client is probably LimeWire with FrostWire also exists an open source offshoot. Gnutella is quite beginner-friendly and well suited for smaller individual files such as MP3 tracks, but technically protocol upstaged by eMule. After all, LimeWire and FrostWire also dominate BitTorrent and feed automatically into the Gnutella network via BT downloaded data.

Recommended Client: Frostwire (Download FrostWire at Winload)

RapidShare and other One-Click-Hoster

^ jdownloader screenshotMost files are probably exchanged via One-Click-Hoster like Rapidshare today. Disadvantage from Rapidshare, Megaupload, and Co .: The download usually not found in optimum speed instead and one relative needs a lot of expertise to cope with this kind of downloads, about (unless you get a so-called premium account purchases) in terms of the best download sites, split archives, router configuration, and so on. With jDownloader one indeed confusing, but powerful tool for downloading files via RapidShare exists. This automatically takes one-click hosters links from the clipboard, the router disconnects for a new IP address and extract archives automatically.

Best Download Tool: jDownloader (Download jDownloader at Winload)

YouTube & Co.

clip graveWhy, that's a video service? Exactly, and yet are YouTube, Vimeo, Sevenload and Co. be mentioned here, because now are countless albums and TV shows completely available for immediate consuming to the streaming sites. Since YouTube is now often also offers better sound and video quality, it may be worth it easy to download a video from YouTube, rather than just awkward to install the P2P program of choice. With many of YouTube Downloader can Recompress video equal and convert it to MP3. The tool of our choice for this purpose is the elegant and intuitive clip grave. Disadvantage of downloads from YouTube, of course, is that the quality of the files is not optimal. Nevertheless, the YouTube Download is a good way in between.

Bonus: sneakernet & F2F

sneaker net

should not underestimate the good old data sharing between friends. A well-known mode is the so-called sneakernet or &Sneaker network; # 8220&# 8221 ;, in which to dress in a metaphorical sense, the sneakers and passes a media such as USB flash drive or portable hard drive personally a friend.

Alliance P2P screenshotConceptually, not far from are F2F (Friend to Friend) -Tauschtools as Alliance or OneSwarm. With these tools to build a private file-sharing network (a so-called darknet) between trusted contacts and can file share with friends. The downside is that far fewer files are available via sneakernet or F2F is at least partially offset by the fact that the user related parties (commonly known as Friends) have a similar taste and therefore provide tend to be more interesting for the user files.

Unfortunately, there are in the area F2F still no &# 8220; killer app&# 8221 ;, combines ease of use with powerful configurability and good performance. Nevertheless, one should keep the area in mind. As for the sneaker carrier: Secretly, quietly, the sharing of music via Bluetooth has established itself on the schoolyards of the Republic. With growing storage capacities, open operating systems and faster transmission paths the next generation of mobile phones could already be the best file sharing tool ever.

File Sharing 2010: Conclusion

A trend in terms of file sharing is clear: Many users move back from the peer-2-peer networks. Whether this is due to the ongoing measures taken by the music, movie and software industry against file sharing, is another question times. However, it is probably no less changed, the traffic moves only in less visible and kompromittierbare Islands in the Net, such as RapidShare archives or private BitTorrent tracker. In our view, it is hardly possible to prevent copying of digital goods. The only measure that can contrast set industry are better pricing of their products and attractive digital distribution platforms with added value, such as, for example, iTunes (music and mobile phone software) and Steam (for PC games) is already possible in some cases. In doubt, the legal way should always be the easier way, then it works&# 8217; s also with the sales.

Now you are in line. Is file sharing for you devil or a common practice? What good examples are there for legitimate data? Do you think digital distribution of copyrighted goods can still restrict in any way? Leave us your opinion &# 8211; in the comments.

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