Create OpenOffice org: Getting Started and Tips

Organization charts are clear representations of business processes and structures. For small businesses and a relatively simple organization, the creating organization is rapid, but the larger the business, the sooner you come here to its limits. After downloading OpenOffice is a program available with which you can create these organizational charts according to his wishes.

In order not to lose track in the generation of organizational charts, Open Office offers several features to this. this is a separate module that manages individual hierarchical levels on its own, as it is known, for example from Microsoft Visio is, unfortunately, not available, so you have to position the individual shapes and connectors themselves. Since it is mainly in organizational charts as drawing elements, it makes sense to use the module Draw for creating organization in OpenOffice.

OpenOffice and organizational charts: comply with standards and set snap lines

OpenOffice org ExampleA typical example of an organization chart (Image: Wikipedia)

OpenOffice Draw offers various forms with which you can present operational issues. Because there is no uniform standard for display in organizational charts, you should before trying to make a clear specification, are what forms for the structures. This selection should consistently maintain and possibly create a legend for your forms.

To align your objects of the organizational chart clearly and hierarchical, it makes sense to activate a so-called snap grid and to display the grid lines. Forms can be positioned with an activated Snap to Grid only along the lines of the grid.

The snap grid is activated via the menu item &# 8220; view&# 8221; > &Raster; # 8220&# 8221 ;. Here you can have a look at the grid. Under also &# 8220; view&# 8221; the options &Fishing lines; # 8220&# 8221; > &# 8220; Fang lines visible&# 8221; and &Fishing lines; # 8220&# 8221; > &# 8220; Snap to snap lines&# 8221 ;.

OpenOffice org with shapes

Show OpenOffice org snap linesUse the snap lines can be displayed in OpenOffice org easy hierarchical levels.

Do you plan to work more often with organizational charts, it is advisable to work with graphic object templates. Similar to paragraph styles can be here formatting of graphic objects store and quickly insert and a simple mouse click. To keep all your created in OpenOffice org the same structure.

Organize your forms into layers by adding horizontal snap lines. To do this click with the right mouse button in the free layer and choose &# 8220; Add snap point / line&# 8221 ;. In the window that opens select a horizontal snap line and confirm by clicking on &# 8220; OK&# 8221 ;. The fishing line can be set arbitrarily move the grid. Put as many snap lines as you have hierarchies in your organization to define this clearly from each other.

OpenOffice org with connectorsThe beginning of an organizational chart with shapes and connectors in OpenOffice

The bottom of the user interface of Draw there are shapes and graphic objects that you can use for your OpenOffice org. Position your forms in the desired position, ideally on a fishing line to map the object plane. Double-click on the shape You can add this text.

Several forms to connect, use the connector from the bottom bar. These attach themselves to the shapes and lengthen or shorten automatically when the shapes are moved. Here you can choose from different types of connectors, it offers you the best of yourself, which connector suits you best.


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