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With BootRacer you can learn exactly how long the computer needs until it is powered up.

This small freeware utility BootRacer says exactly how much time do you need computer to boot up.

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The program measures the time from power-on password entry and then again the time of entering your password to complete assembly of the desktop when the computer is fully operational. The duration of the password entry itself is also calculated, but of course not factored into the boot time. BootRacer rated the determined time and categorizes your computer, or its boot process. it takes less than a minute, which is &Excellent; # 8216&# 8217 ;, everything underneath is improved. The program stores the results of analyzes boat, so this any improvement or deterioration can also be registered and compared. The timing can also be displayed live on the screen.


BootRacer settings

BootRacer offers several configuration options. You can adjust the tool so that it automatically starts at every boot and measures the time, or only works on manual activation.


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