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We are still in Australia, but this time not in the water but on land. But since one is far from certain. If one avoids boxing kangaroos, wombats and deceitful the menagerie of poisonous snakes and fish, there is still the insane serial killer, of whom one must be wary.

Especially the early 90s the Belanglo State Forest in New South Wales was a hot spot for backpackers because Ivan Milat operating at the time the loose. Mischief consisted primarily from the fact sexually abusing women to use the heads of his victims as targets for his firing tests, and then to bury the body in the nearby forest.


After seven bodies were found in 1992 and 1993, the trail led fairly quickly to Milat and he was sentenced to seven life sentences plus 18 years (in case of immortality).

Inspired by the atrocities of the serial killer wrote and directed the (also Australian) Director Greg Mclean 2005 his first feature film "Wolf Creek" in which he murderous bushman Mick Taylor exposes a handful of backpackers.


"Wolf Creek" is considered an extremely brutal and good horror film that makes use of the abandoned and desolate scenery of the Australian Outback benefits and can score not only with its explicit violence scenes. The sequel to "Wolf Creek 2" this year celebrated its world premiere and is the end of March be on display at the Fantasy Filmfest Nights for the first time in German climes.

Meanwhile, Ivan Milat stewing still well deserved in his cell and denies the extreme crimes against the international tourists. This day limit its task is to get to a nine-day hunger strike, a PlayStation in his cell. No doubt, &# 8220; GTA: Busch murder&# 8221; to play.


After two horrific scenarios in Down Under, it is now time for something wonderful ..


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