announced horror remake for autumn 2017: Pathologic

The funded through Kickstarter remake of Russian cult horror game Pathologic will be released in the fall of 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In the trailer you get a taste of the inhospitable, sometimes surreal presentation of this psychological horror game.

294Pathologic - The Marble Nest Trailer

Pathologic originally appeared in 2005 and was developed by Russian developer Ice-Pick Lodge. Although ultimately a graphically revamped HD version of the cult horror game released in 2015, but over the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter funded the studio already in 2014 a complete remake - and very successful. The ambitious goal of $ 250,000 was exceeded with 333.127 donated dollars, and now the remake is on track for a release, which is planned for autumn 2017th

That's why you really do like horror games

Pathologic can be played from the perspective of three protagonists who must stop a mysterious plague in a city. Even old hands who have already played the original, the remake is to offer so some added value: Developed in the Unity engine the game is to come up, among other things with a nicer look and new quests, a ausbalancierterem gameplay, smarter opponents and improved English localization ,


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