New diagnostic tool for iOS devices: Do not despair, wondering iPhone

New diagnostic tool for iOS devices: Do not despair, wondering iPhoneIf the iPhone, iPad or iPod give up the ghost, the average consumer has little chance to yourself to try to repair. But even trained service personnel often refers only to restore the device, because a true diagnosis is possible only to technicians. A new tool in the depths of iOS is intended to help in a more simple causes.

Colleagues from are internal information from the Apple headquarters, according to which the new diagnostic function just gets its final touch. On the iCloud trend the system working online completely. About the sent in an e-mail to the device reference that opens the mobile Safari, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch starts his diagnosis routine. It then sends the results to an Apple server, the Genius Bar Genii can access the.

In this procedure, as few personal information is transferred, including the UUID (unique identification number of the smartphone) and the sum of the daily talk time. In addition, the service staff of the diagnostic tool to know the state of charge of the battery and how much time has passed since the last full charge. Also, the minimum charge that has ever reached the battery is logged. In addition, the device transmits information on whether it has been shut down regularly at last power.

The internals of this information may be added in the future, eventually help Details battery only in quite manageable cases in the narrow boundary of a problem. But even if the list of data is extensive, but the function remains useless if no more possibility to retrieve or emails to start the Safari browser.

Within the coming months, the function will be available. Whether to also emerge from the data whether the device was subjected to a jailbreak, is not yet known.


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