64-bit browser: Which are there and what they are good?

The majority of our browsers are still 32-bit programs, although our operating systems have been running for some time to 64 bits and support multiple processors. Which 64-bit browser there is and what benefits do they offer?

64-bit browser: Which are there and what they are good?

Most of us come with the standard versions of the browser good. However, some prefer a 64-bit browser. The problem is that even the most popular browser Firefox may already be available as 64-bit output, but not in an official, stable release. Internet Explorer, however, there are already 64-bit application. Google Chrome also is provided as 64-bit download available &# 8211; but also only in a test version. And while fans of the MSIE can look forward to stable browser without significant extensions that friends of other browsers must rather serve as a tester.47654Google Chrome Video

64-bit browser: pros and cons

Depending on the considered 64-bit browser, the drawbacks seem to outweigh. So it turns out Microsoft as one of the greatest benefits of its 64-bit IE in version 11 that he can use 64-bit ActiveX controls. The 32-bit version can not. At the same time he can not use the much more common 32-bit elements &# 8211; which affects most of tool-bars and plugins. He might use multiple processors while, but can not use standards.

As a 64-bit browser Firefox speaks currently English onlyAs a 64-bit browser Firefox speaks currently English only

Mozilla Firefox in 64-bit

In contrast, the 64-bit Firefox is currently only one &# 8220; nightly build&# 8221 ;. The Mozilla Firefox Nightly in 64 bits can open innately different tabs in a separate process, but it is just actually an early trial. It is not as stable as the 32-bit Firefox and also runs only in English. But at least you can practice each other both versions in parallel. However, not at the same time. And practical is that the 64-bit browser Mozilla immediately accesses the installed plugins and settings of his little brother. Regarding the use so there are no problems. Funny thing is about to experience how it is suddenly greeted by the English versions of Facebook and Co and also all plugins now speak English. However, Mozilla has discontinued development and we need to move forward to alternatives if we want a 64-bit Firefox.

Google Chrome 64-bit

Something else the whole thing will look like in Google Chrome. The 64-bit offshoot called Google Chrome Canary to bring a massive increase in speed. Up to three times faster the browser should be, which now also runs in its own process window. The 64-bit Chrome is said to also run much more stable and also have safety advantages. The gain in speed can, however, only on some test pages confirm, while other tests show no advantage. So pulled completely that's not good.

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64-bit browser alternatives

Besides the market leaders there for a long time also niche solutions. They are usually based on the engines of other browsers and represent a side path of development:

Waterfox example is based on Firefox and is the fastest 64-bit browser on the Web be &# 8211; by his own admission. The Waterfox project is an offshoot of the Mozilla browser, which wants to pick up where the 64-bit evolution ceased. As a supplementary plugins you can embed Flash, Java and Silverlight in 64-bit here.

A 64-bit Opera to have. After a time, the size of these also established browser rather slipped into a niche. But that does not mean that his fans have to give up further developments.

Nobody notices if the MSIE is really a 64-bit browserNobody notices if the MSIE is really a 64-bit browser

However, it can be said that most alternative browsers represent rather quiet side ways in which you can not predict the future clearly. If even Mozilla opting for a termination of the development of 64-bit browsers that long-term difficulties in the alternative programs are rather larger. Firefox fan longs that his alternative offers all the features and plug-ins and additionally stable running under 64-bit. This can not be achieved without a big budget. therefore remains to be seen how it goes in Chrome and IE. Because these are currently the only 64-bit browser by the manufacturer.


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