Pokémon GO: is support for Android Wear

Following last week it was announced that Pokémon GO is already land in the near future on the Apple Watch, now the competition moves to. Also on Smart Watches with Android Wear you will soon be able to hunt the cute monsters. 

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In version 0.37.0. Pokémon GO, there are several indications of a future support of Android Wear, say the specialists of Pokémon GO hub. Consequently, the latest version of the Android app includes a completely new "pokemongoplus" project, which refers to the support for Android Wear. In the code, the new feature is "closed" and "ready for publication" noted.

To start a wide number of Android Wear Smart Watches should be supported. The respected SmartWatch be queried to adapt the game to the background characteristics. Interesting: The connection to an Android phone is obviously not mandatory. Since the autumn of 2015, Android Wear understands known also with the iPhone and the references in the code suggest that Pokémon GO also works in combination with an iPhone and an Android Wear smartwatch. The Pokémon GO app on the smartphone itself must not be open to playing the game on the watch otherwise.

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Exclusive time for the Apple Watch?

It is not yet known when Niantic will officially enable support for Android Wear. Given the fact that the Pokémon GO developers highly even during the launch of the iPhone 7 on stage was, where it has announced support for the Apple Watch, but it could probably take some time. One is tempted at least that Apple some exclusive time - has secured for its SmartWatch - similar to Super Mario Run.

Source: Pokémon GO Hub

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