Eye color change with Photoshop, program or app

Anyone who has ever wanted to make sure one but blue or green eyes would be better, at least do the test quickly on a PC or smartphone. Below you learn how you can change the eye color in Photoshop or which app helps you going to miss your eyes a new brilliance.

Unlike the real world you can you quickly at least one photo to miss easy and free, a new eye color.

Eye color change with Photoshop

Do you want to change with Photoshop eye colors is as follows:

  1. Opens the photo on which the eyes of you or any other person are visible.
  2. Chooses the right option to create a "new level."
  3. Selects the next level and calls on the toolbar lasso.
  4. With the mouse you now the pupils marked on the image. So you work as closely as possible, zooms purely in the eye.
  5. now selects the fill tool. Decide for a desired color, are in what your eyes shine again.
  6. Changes in the layer mode and decide there for the "Soft Light".
  7. The eye now has its new color. If you want to touch up a little the result of playing around with the Ebenentransparanz.
  8. Is the second eye from exactly as just described.


In a similar way you can come to the conclusion without Photoshop with a free image editing software like GIMP or Paint.NET eyes.

Start Photogallery(11 images)Apple Watch: templates for Photoshop (PSD) and Co. to download

change eye color by app

Also on the smartphone you can easily miss your eyes a new color. For this, such is suitable. As the app Eye Color Studio for Android and iPhone. Note that the eyes in the photo must be clearly visible so that there is a useful result for your editing. The app is simple to use, but you need the result to accept compromises with the quality and the possibilities for the development of the eye changes. With the right photo template and a little patience on incorporation but can be achieved quickly funny and appealing results, even with the application. Downloading the app can be found here:

Eye Color StudiodownloadQR codeEye Color StudioDeveloper: ModiFace *Price: Free Eye Color StudiodownloadQR codeEye Color StudioDeveloper: ModiFacePrice: Free


We show you also how to remove quick and easy red-eye from photos.

Product Image: Taiga

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