Device Manager: XP – so you find him

The XP Device Manager shows you the status of the devices of your system and its drivers - so the software that enables communication between Windows and hardware. In addition, you can fix problems with the hardware, change their settings, look for updated drivers and install them with his help. Want to open their Device Manager, there are several options. We show you in this post.

Tip: So you open the Device Manager in Windows 10 Windows 10: Open Device Manager - how it works.

Device Manager: XP - opened by Control Panel

A reliable, but no faster way is through the Control Panel:

  1. Click the bottom left of the "Start" then "Control Panel."
  2. Then click on "System" to get to the window "System Properties".
  3. There you select the "Hardware" tab and then the Device Manager.
  4. Should you be prompted to enter the administrator password or for a confirmation, you must follow the instruction.

Device Manager: XP - Control Panel

Device Manager: XP - opened by workplace

A slightly faster version:

  1. Click the bottom left of the "Start" button, then right-click "My Computer."
  2. Now choose the entry "Manage."
  3. Clicks left on the "Device Manager" to open it.

Device Manager: XP - the workplace

use command prompt

Still a bit faster it goes with the following option:

  1. Opens the "Run" by clicking on the "Start" button at the bottom left. keep Windows key and tap the R button: direct alternative keyboard.
  2. Give the text box and type in devmgmt.msc to the Enter key to move to the XP device manager.

use hotkey

With a standard keyboard shortcut is the easiest option:

  • Just hold down the Windows key and tap on the pause button.


The Windows key is usually at the bottom left of "Alt", the pause button at the top next to "roles".


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