Mail from Targobank: Beware of phishing scams!

Again a mail for the trash: a recent phishing attack directed this time against telephone banking customers Targobank, are their credentials and PINs in the center of interest of Internet fraudsters. With the subject &# 8220; Update your Targobank account&# 8221; or &# 8220; confirmation of their personal information is required&# 8221; the sender of the mail seeking access to your sensitive login information. to do so as you can prove costly 

Mail from Targobank: Beware of phishing scams!

Such as the recent German Bank AG or Deutsche Telekom also Targobank serves as a masquerade for Internet criminals to data capture. The relevant messages that are sent in this case on behalf of the Targobank may have differences in content and optical all in keeping with the purpose: to tap your user data. All these news are of course the best place in the trash.

Mail from Targobank: Simply delete!

The Targobank has asked the various versions of the new phishing e-mails online, there you will probably find even your copy. But no matter how the text exactly as follows: no bank would ask you via e-mail to disclose confidential bank information or secret numbers on the Internet.

Mail from TargobankScreenshot example Targobank

The text and the appearance may vary, but always the mail contains a redirect to a data entry screen. Whoever enters his data there, she handed out at this moment internet criminals voluntarily.

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Mail from Targobank: Basic safety for online and telephone banking

According to some court decisions makes ye of negligence guilty if you angebt due to phishing emails your data on the Internet. So you must also adhere to itself for any resulting financial damage. Who operates online or telephone banking, should be strongly geared to the security guidelines recommended by each bank:

  • Uses the latest virus and malware scanner to detect trojans and other threats in advance.
  • Another useful feature is the use of tools such as PhishingEliminator, which integrates into the browser bar and gives you when visiting dangerous sites a warning.
  • Basically send banks or other companies for security reasons e-mails of this kind. Certainly they ask no PINs or TANs from. If there is a nagging uncertainty, you can inquire first after these messages when the companies concerned before anything will download or fills.
  • Should you after online banking login received a message that a security update, etc. entering your TAN or mobile phone number requires, break the process immediately and notifies your bank.
mail from TARGOBANK via Amazon*

already sent all the data?

&# 8220; What a bummer!&# 8221; such as Winnie the Pooh *Mail from Targobank: Beware of phishing scams! would say that should you in any case happen again! Immediately informed the Targobank about this incident and best the police. As mentioned above, you must, if necessary compensate already incurred damage itself. For questions or strange observations regarding online banking you can contact you to Targobank at this address: [email protected]

This video relates the case of a phishing victim:

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