“I burn-out”: controversy surrounding satirical song by Johann König (with video)

Distasteful or funny? By Johann Königs appearance at TV Total emotions have been running high. his song &# 8220; I burn-out&# 8221; focuses on the new public health problem and provides Lacher one hand, to protest the other hand.

& Quot; I & quot ;: burnout controversy satirical song by Johann König (with video)

On the Facebook page of comedian Johann König and on Youtube is the discussion in full swing: Some of the comments condemned the Burnout song as &# 8220; taktlos&# 8221; up to &# 8220; I wish you the greatest misfortune, that thou&# 8217; s time understand&# 8221 ;. The defenders on the other hand rely on the quality of satire to set a theme relaxed on the agenda: &# 8220; You have no sense of humor&# 8221 ;. But what is it all about?

&# 8220; I burn out, la-la-la-la-la-la&# 8221 ;, sings Johann König. The comedian plays with the prejudices against the new &# 8220; Volkskrankheit&# 8221; and suggests burnout sufferers are often only malingerers who are a little stressed out from work and enjoy their leisure time. In the second stanza reads: &# 8220; Since I know it's burn-out / goes me much better (&# 8230) that is really great / I'll wait on me / and crumble all full&# 8221 ;.

Here King actually describes symptoms of depression disorders such as listlessness and to decide the inability to: &# 8220; In the morning I need, because I can not decide / Participating I suffer rolls or bread, I can not do both&# 8221 ;. And later it says in the chorus: &# 8220; With burn-out is not to be trifled&# 8221 ;.

The song itself is the beginning of February appeared as a single *"I burn-out": controversy surrounding satirical song by Johann König (with video), Johann König has the song but have long been in the repertoire. Also at the gala for the 20th anniversary of the Quatsch Comedy Club he gave on 09.02.2012 for the best:

That the diagnosis &# 8220; Burnout&# 8221; Despite their distribution is still not clearly defined, satire and ridicule comes to meet naturally. That depression disorders, whether they are &# 8220; exhaustion&# 8221; or &# 8220; Burn-out&# 8221; calls, often have to do with the world of work and are taken seriously, but show countless cases like Robert Enke or Babak Rafati. Without a doubt, burnout is an emotional issue, and just satire can afford to launch a discussion. If the limit is exceeded, given the reality is in the eye of the beholder.


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