Virtual Reality: Independent Oculus Go headset, strong price reduction

Virtual Reality is Finally Affordable! Mark Zuckerberg introduced the stand-alone headset Oculus Go. In addition, the Oculus Rift will be greatly reduced in price.

With this trailer Go Oculus was presented:

463Desert Go - TrailerVirtual reality inspired countless gamers who can afford technology but so far hardly anyone. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has now introduced a new Oculus headset, which is to finally achieve mass compatibility.

The Oculus Go to the beginning of 2018 come on the market and cost $ 199th The special feature of the headset that works without a PC and all the technology is already processed in the glasses. In addition, speakers are built into the device, so headphones are not necessary.

In this virtual reality games, you can look forward now:

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While the Oculus Go is primarily suitable for videos, live broadcasts and simple games, but there are also good news for VR-Gamer: The Oculus Rift is permanently reduced in combination with the touch controllers in the price and in the future only dollar cost 399 - a savings of entire $ 200.


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