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After the departure, we order the Organon that they should stand still. We go to the right and into the elevator - the Organon here behave a bit strange. We press lever, hold for a short time and confirm that we are right here - but the whole thing was a trap of Argus, who wants to beat us now.


We step on the pedal to the floor and then remove the throttle member which regulates the speed of the elevator. Then we come again on the pedal, let the elevator with the lever rush down and stop him, so Argus fall out.


We go to the right and now have to make a speech in front of the soldiers. After this&# 8230; we have to pass one last mini-game, which comes to move the notes so that the melody of Organon anthem comes out moving speech. Beware, there are not exactly the background music. On the reaction of the audience you can see which change is required: A heart means the note is correct, at three points it is only one step next, at Sutrmwolken a major change is needed. Of course you can skip this mini-game.


We leave the room and go to Ulysses, with whom we talk. Subsequently, the three clones must work together to stop the demolition Deponias. We grab the antenna in front of us and use them with the cable in order to get to the other side. We throw the antenna to the transmitter, but this only means that it is now even less accessible than before.


We talk to Cletus and Argus, the latter starts to count and immediately after "two" we jump as we click on the rotor.


At the bottom we solve one of the screws on the bridge and put them in the hole in the center thereof to. Then we solve the rest of the screws and if we now run direction of the transmitter, we can reach him. we fix the bridge with the screws where we have just taken the transmitter and connect the transmitter to the upper end of the bridge in the rotor. During the subsequent discussion, we each take the last option and if it's time we let go.


Congratulations, that ye Goodbye Deponia and thus completed the whole trilogy!

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