Code Vein: So blatant is the brutal Bandai-Namco RPG look

Now it has been officially confirmed by Bandai Namco: The new Japan-RPG called Code Vein and will be a mix of dark fantasy and hard action. How well the vampire-like revenants actually look in the game, we have put together for you.

2046#PrepareToDine trailer

What we have you been reported in an update yesterday, is now official: The new game from Dark Souls publisher Namco Bandai's Code Vein and will be a brutal vampire RPG. During today's unveiling of the developers have published the same 32 high-resolution screenshots for the game - and code Vein looks damn good.

Gallery Code Vein 1080p screenshots

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In the game you take on the skin of a revenant: Although they have survived the apocalypse, but losing about a lot of their humanity and their memories. What's left of them now must feed on blood, so they do not become a monstrous creature called Lost. In Code Vein You brush past through the rubble of the world in order to survive and find out the truth about your past.

Dark Souls already played three? As well as we find it

The Japan-RPG dungeon crawler should contain elements and make the player an AI companion aside. Very Final Fantasy style You're fighting mostly with large swords, the developers want to particularly focus on action. Pretty cool: The armor Blood Veil is to mimic the fangs of a vampire and the opponents suck the blood.

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is the platform on which code Vein appear is not yet known. While the game is to hit the market in 2018, but you can look forward in May of this year you on the next trailer.


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