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Mods from the community have always played a very important role in the Battlefield franchise. "Battlefield 2" was the time to access, for example, on one of the most active modding scene at all and kept falling on numerous highly successful modifications. With the upcoming release of "Battlefield 3 "So now look forward again numerous fan page on new mod tools and the ability to create their own content with cutting-edge technology.

More distraught fans of the hotly anticipated "Battlefield 3" as DICE boss Karl-Magnus Troedsson were recently, appeared before the press to announce to that "Battlefield 3" will the release have no mod support. Troedsson justified the decision with the enormous effort involved in getting this time in "Battlefield had "put 3 and said that this game was simply the greatest the game DICE ever had to lift. So you had to decide what the focus on "Battlefield 3 will set ". In the same breath the DICE boss made the modders and courage by saying: &# 8220; The community has a clear opinion on the subject - it wants the mod tools. We take into account the in the development. To release Battlefield 3 will not support mods, but we have the community continue in the head. I'm not saying that we do it is definitely possible. I say that we think about it.&# 8221;

That actually sounds as if you want after the release actually follow up on something else. With or mod support - we are on this page all relevant information on the subject "Battlefield 3 Mods "collect and always keep up to date. So if you are interested in "Battlefield 3 Mods "has and these views after the release, or want to download directly, here is the right place.

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