Today is St. Patrick’s Day: Date and history of the Irish national holiday

Cheers! Green light for the St. Patrick's Day! When rivers in green glow, green beer is served and people stagger with shamrock accessories and green hats in the streets, it's that time again: The Irish national holiday St. Patrick's Day is celebrated. In our article we will tell you when it is celebrated and where it originates.

Today is St. Patrick's Day: Date and history of the Irish national holiday

What is St. Patrick's Day?

Today is the holy day for the Irish, the "Lá Fhéile Pádraig" or St. Patrick's Day, St. Paddies or Saint Patrick's Day. Meanwhile, not only people in Ireland but worldwide non-Irish celebrate it. The St. Patrick's Day is considered a public holiday in Ireland, Montserrat and Newfoundland.

Official date of the national holiday is the 17. March. This is probably the death of the patron saint Patrick, which we will discuss at the origin of the holiday. If the public holiday in the Easter and Holy Week, he will probably know virtually relocated. This was the case in 1940 and of 2008.

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How is St. Patrick's Day celebrated?

Everything green seems to be the motto to be the celebration not just the Irish on this day. There are numerous events, such as parades. This party streets with floats be found for example in:

  • Dublin
  • new York
  • Chicago (Here, the Chicago River is dyed green)
  • But also in Munich not, however, during the week, but on a timely Sunday - has been held since 1996, a move instead.
  • Also in Berlin (Cross Berg),
  • Waigolshausen (Unterfranken),
  • Karlsruhe,
  • Schacht-Audorf and other German cities you can marvel at the parade and celebrate.

In New York smell in the past year for the first time to attend this day of remembrance and stand up for their rights and gays in the parade. The activists who after decades of prohibition of participation and numerous protests finally succeeded and were allowed to be part of the parade for St. Patrick's Day.

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The festivities are often accompanied by a stage show with bands or Irish film screenings. In addition, many attractions shine on St. Patrick's Day in a traditional green. At the &# 8220; Global Greening&# 8221; Buildings were already following this:

  • the Sydney Opera House
  • the Pyramids of Giza
  • the London Eye
  • a part of the Great Wall
  • the Berlin TV Tower
On St. Patrick's Day wird auch Bier grün gefärbt - aber natürlich nicht das traditionelle irische Guinness.On St. Patrick's Day beer is also colored green &# 8211; but of course not the traditional Irish Guinness. Cheers!

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Google Doodle for St. Patrick's Day 2017

For Irish holiday today, there is a particularly green Google Doodle in many countries: you can see the island of Skelling Michael (&# 8220; Great Skellig&# 8221), which can be found southwest of the main island of Ireland. The animated Google Doodle St. Patrick&# 8217; s Day 2017 has designed artist Matt Cruickshank and shows how to give two clover leaves a high five.

The green island of Skelling Michael is home to many seabirds such as puffins and gannets and a popular place of pilgrimage. Climb its mountains on the island, you can expect a picturesque Ausbilck.

Google_Doodle_St._Patricks_Day_ScreenshotSource: Screenshot (03/16/2017)

St. Patrick's Day History

Regarding the origin of the holiday, many why St. Patrick's Day is celebrated ask. It is a day of remembrance for the Irish Bischof Patrick. He is considered the first Christian missionary in Ireland and to have lived in the 5th century. The Catholic Irish celebrate on St. Patrick's Day so their patron saint. The Bishop should have used a green shamrock to explain the Trinity to the Irish. That's why you see the shamrock as a symbol anywhere on that day.

Image Sources: Mille Flore Images, nunosilvaphotography via Shutterstock


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