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The Attribute Changer is an extension of Windows Explorer, which allows us to change the attributes of files and folders. The freeware provides this much more options than Windows itself!

Of course you can change file and folder attributes in Windows. A click with the right mouse button, then click Properties and beautiful we can make some basic settings. But to really achieve all the attributes you need a tool like the Attribute Changer.

Attribute Changer install and use

The Attribute Changer download comes as a setup and is installed as Explorer extension. This means in plain language that there is no single program to enter. Rather, the tool is integrated into the context menu that is invoked by the right mouse button. Depending on the situation several special menu items appear in this menu through which we can change file attributes and folder properties.

attribute-changerWith Attribute Changer we change all possible file and folder attributes

Windows stores significantly more file attributes, may we usually reached by Explorer and change. We see, for example, when a file was created, when it was modified and last opened. But we can not just change these properties. We also see if they read-only or hidden and can switch. But that was basically it. To find out more attributes to see or change, we would have to open a command line and the DOS command attrib call.

attribute-changer-attribNot even can attrib much as the Attribute Changer

This is impractical and can not anything that offers us the Attribute Changer. Here we can namely also mark individual several files to change their attributes. Even with folders as that. And could you change many attributes, then subfolders can include.

Attribute Changer Applications

Which attributes you can change the general and the Attribute Changer at all? First, there are the system attributes that tell Windows how files or folders are to be treated. If they are provided, for example with the attributes Hidden (Hidden) or system, it appears the Windows Explorer from its default setting. Since it can be handy to hide in the domestic PC directories so that they are not immediately found.

attribute-changer-filterSmart Filter facilitate the Attribute Changer change many files across multiple directories

File changes can be useful if one wants to miss about all photos of a series the same creation date or the same creation time for better sorting. Since we have simultaneous access these attribute changes to all attributes, very complex solutions are feasible. Thus the creation can be changed in a passage date and time while simultaneously taking all files the indexing attribute and missed them the archive attribute. yet it makes use of the advanced features, this action will be, for example, applied only to JPG images of a certain size if they were created within a selectable time period.

By the way: Who wants to play it safe, can the changes until all appropriate in simulation mode!

we reach a very detailed English guide this powerful tools on the Help button, which is located in the window About. It is definitely worthwhile. There are, inter alia, explains the advanced features for file filtering, with which you can then change the attributes of specific file formats within a folder structure in one fell swoop. 

Currently, the German language is recompiled and finds its way into the Attribute Changer, once everything is ready. However, the tool is almost intuitive to use with little knowledge of English.


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