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Control your eating habits

With the help of Diet diary retain their track of your diet progress. What the tool can not, however, is to steal you the pounds.

You can hear it by now on every corner: Short-term diets as as in all sorts of magazines with these sleek cover modeling &# 8220; novel&# 8221; and &8220; 100% foolproof&# 8221; are presented, thanks to the yo-yo effect not really make sense to unhealthy.

So to avoid the subsequent weight gain, we suggest the only way in the long term to achieve its desired weight and keep it: A change in eating habits and increasing physical activity.

So one gets to the Diet Diary desired weight

The program helps not active in losing weight, but it helps to keep track. Stand for five entry functions to disposal:

  • body weight
  • individual goals
  • List daily food (with integrated database)
  • Sports
  • notes

The database of foods is divided into 16 categories and comes standard with 600 foods that can be extended manually, however. The notes each include up to 2,000 characters and can be searched using the search for specific text sections.

Chance of success with the diet diary

Whether the desired weight is achieved and can be maintained, can not be made by the program dependent, it does only support on the way there. The digital diary facilitates the documentation of progress and praises success if they are as achieved. These are then displayed as graphs in which the weight loss is displayed graphically.

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